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Here's all the information you need to buy your Portland TrailBlazers tickets at the best price for a home game.
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The Portland TrailBlazers are located in the state of Oregon. Anfernee Simmons and Scoot Henderson are the team’s two young stars. They play as a duo on the back line. The TrailBlazers are in the midst of a major rebuild and are unlikely to win many games in 2023-2024. Don’t get your hopes up.

Where to buy Portland TrailBlazers tickets?

To buy your Portland TrailBlazers tickets, HelloTickets is the ideal solution. This platform is a reliable reseller of NBA tickets. All transactions are secure for a worry-free purchase. It even offers payment in a few currencies, which is particularly advantageous for international fans. HelloTickets also offers fast, efficient customer support. They’re on hand to help you every step of the way. If you prefer to buy your tickets in person, the Moda Center box office is also an option. However, you should be aware that tickets may already be sold out or more expensive than online.

If you’d like to reserve a parking space in addition to your Portland TrailBlazers tickets, Viagogo is the platform that offers you this possibility.

Portland TrailBlazers ticket prices

The thousands of tickets marketed for each Portland TrailBlazers home game do not have the same price. The rate for the same seat varies depending on the poster. In addition, a courtside ticket will not cost the same as a seat in the heights of the arena. Here are the different prices for a Portland TrailBlazers game.

Courtside tickets

The most expensive seats for any NBA game are the courtside ones. The front rows behind the sideline are the most coveted and expensive. The chairs just behind each of the two baskets are also coveted. Nevertheless, they are a little more affordable.

As courtside seats are highly sought-after, their availability is not always guaranteed. First come, first served. So it’s best to book as early as possible. In terms of price, you should expect to pay between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars per ticket for a Portland TrailBlazers home game.

Lower section tickets

These tickets are best for tourists and basketball fans who want to experience an NBA game to the full. The view of the court from any seat in sections 101 to 122 is very appreciable. You’ll be at a very reasonable distance from the court. For those who don’t have the budget for an unforgettable courtside experience, tickets in the lower section still allow you to properly appreciate the technical and physical qualities of NBA basketball players. This won’t necessarily be the case if you’re higher up in the stands…

In Portland, ticket prices in the lower section start at 90 dollars. At this price, you’ll generally find a seat behind the basket. If you want a more central view of the pitch, you’ll need to pay between 150 and 400 dollars per person.

Middle section tickets

If you’re on a tight budget for your NBA trip to Portland, buying mid-section tickets can be a good compromise. You’ll pay less than a seat closer to the court. And you’ll have a better view of the game compared to seats in the upper section. If you’re not an absolute fan of American basketball, this type of ticket in sections 201 to 230 should be enough to give you a good time.

The vast majority of Portland TrailBlazers tickets in the middle section are priced between 40 and 200 dollars. Prices may be revised upwards for the legendary franchises’ reception.

Upper section tickets

Upper section tickets are the least sought-after by NBA fans. It has to be said that the view in terms of game precision isn’t the best. From sections 301 to 334, don’t expect to be able to admire the technical details. The players will be more easily recognizable on the giant screens in the hall than on the floor. So it’s clearly not the best place to enjoy the show. Nevertheless, if you’re new to basketball and simply want to experience the atmosphere of an NBA game in the USA, this type of seat should suffice.

As with any NBA arena, upper section tickets are the cheapest in the arena for a Portland TrailBlazers game. In terms of budget, you should be able to get tickets for under 50 dollars quite easily. Prices start at around 15 dollars for the least popular matches. However, the minimum rate can explode for the reception of the big teams… For this kind of confrontation, the cheapest tickets in the upper stand leave for 100 dollars and more.

The evolution of average Portland TrailBlazers ticket prices over the years

In the NBA, the rates charged for ticket sales is decided by each franchise. Prices therefore vary from team to team. To establish a pricing policy, the law of supply and demand is often applied. The greater the demand from fans to attend a match, the more expensive the tickets will be. This demand varies with each match. For example, a duel between two rival teams, or a visit from the reigning NBA champions, will not have the same appeal as a confrontation between two bottom-of-the-table opponents. As the competitiveness of NBA teams varies from one season to the next, prices can fluctuate significantly in most cities.

With regard to the Portland TrailBlazers, the lowest average price for game tickets was observed in 2017-2018. The lowest average ticket price was 82 dollars. The highest average price for Portland TrailBlazers tickets was seen in the 2023-2024 season. The average price for a seat at a Blazers home game was 103 dollars. Inflation has taken its toll. An increase in ticket prices of between 5% and 8% has been observed by economists. In recent years, the average price of an NBA ticket in Portland was between 85 and 97 dollars.

FAQ about buying Portland TrailBlazers tickets

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about buying Portland TrailBlazers tickets.

Promotions and discounts on Portland TrailBlazers tickets are often available for students, military personnel and seniors. Special rates are also available for groups of 20 or more.

All Portland TrailBlazers tickets are sent as e-tickets. For security reasons, you won’t receive them in your mailbox until a few days before the event. Print out your e-ticket or have it scanned onto your smartphone at the Moda Center entrance!

Refund and exchange policies vary by point of sale. Please check the specific policies of the vendor from whom you purchased your tickets. If you no longer wish to attend a game, you can also resell your Portland TrailBlazers tickets.

If you have a problem with an electronic ticket, please contact the ticket supplier’s customer service department directly. They will be able to help you solve the problem or provide you with a replacement ticket.

Children under the age of two generally get in free, provided they sit on an adult’s lap. However, this policy may vary between NBA arenas. So be sure to check the Moda Center’s specific rules before attending a game.