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NBA trip to Portland | tickets, hotels, tourist activities

NBA Trip to Portland

Playing at the Moda Center, the Blazers are a young and dynamic team. Here are the essentials for a successful NBA trip to Portland.

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Experiencing the thrill of an NBA game is an unforgettable experience for basketball enthusiasts. If you’re planning such a trip, Portland, home of the Trail Blazers, is a must-see destination.

Portland’s best hotels for an NBA trip

As a dynamic metropolis, Portland offers a multitude of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to friendly hostels. To be close to the Moda Center, consider the following hotels:

Hotel Eastlund

Located a short distance from Moda Center, Hotel Eastlund offers elegant rooms and impeccable service. With a rooftop offering panoramic views of the city, it’s a top choice for Trail Blazers fans.

The Benson, a Coast Hotel

This historic hotel, known for its dazzling architecture and exceptional service, is a great base for exploring Portland and catching the games.

Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center

Offering the perfect balance of comfort and accessibility, the Courtyard by Marriott is close to the Moda Center and other major Portland attractions.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland

Nestled in the heart of Portland, Kimpton Hotel Monaco offers an elegant marriage of style and comfort. With uniquely decorated rooms and unparalleled customer service, it’s an ideal choice for travelers seeking a distinctive lodging experience. What’s more, its proximity to the city’s main attractions and the Moda Center makes it an attractive option for basketball fans.

The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Located near Pioneer Square, The Nines is a luxury hotel that promises an opulent stay experience. This establishment offers sophisticated guestrooms, two high-quality on-site restaurants and a rooftop terrace with spectacular city views. Its central location provides easy access to the Moda Center as well as other sites of interest in Portland.

Canopy by Hilton Portland Pearl District

For those who prefer a modern, stylish stay, the Canopy by Hilton in the Pearl District is a perfect option. Reflecting the creative spirit of Portland, this hotel offers comfortable, spacious rooms and fitness facilities for active travelers. The Pearl District is also a vibrant neighborhood, known for its art galleries, boutiques and breweries, offering an authentic local experience.

Hyatt House Portland/Downtown

If you’re looking for a stay that feels like home, the Hyatt House Portland/Downtown is ideally designed for longer stays. Rooms are equipped with kitchenettes. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, as well as flexible workspaces. Its strategic location near the Willamette River also provides easy access to the Moda Center and other attractions.

Sightseeing in Portland on an NBA trip

Portland, nestled in northwest Oregon, is a city that exudes creativity, ecology and a passion for the outdoors. It’s a metropolis where art, gastronomy and nature mingle.

The Pearl Arts District reflects Portland’s creative spirit. Its streets are brimming with galleries, artist boutiques and urban murals. They bring the city’s vibrant culture to life. Art lovers can lose themselves for hours, admiring works ranging from contemporary art to traditional pieces.

Portland is also known for its green initiatives. Vast green spaces, such as Forest Park, offer nature lovers a sanctuary in the heart of the city. Trails stretch for miles. They invite visitors to go for picturesque hikes, bike rides or simply sit back and enjoy the serenity of the forest.

One of the city’s great prides is its thriving food scene. Portland’s food trucks, scattered across the city, serve an impressive variety of cuisines from around the world. Local cafés, craft breweries and bakeries reflect the city’s passion for local produce and culinary creativity.

But the soul of Portland can really be felt along the Willamette River. The promenade offers panoramic views of the city skyline. And it’s dotted with parks and rest areas, providing the perfect contrast between urban life and natural beauty.

Portland’s distinctive charm is also evident in its historic neighborhoods, with their brick buildings and independent boutiques. Every corner tells a story, every street has a distinct atmosphere, from modern chic to vintage charm.

NBA travel to Portland: other American sports teams to see

Portland isn’t just a basketball town. It’s also home to other sports teams:

Portland Timbers (MLS)

For soccer fans, the Portland Timbers play in Major League Soccer. They offer energetic matches and an electrifying stadium atmosphere.

Portland Thorns FC (NWSL)

The Thorns represent Portland in the National Women’s Soccer League. Fans of women’s sports should enjoy the show.