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The Denver Nuggets are located in the state of Colorado. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are the team’s two main players. Reigning NBA champions, the Nuggets will be aiming for the 2024 double. It won’t be an easy task… Nevertheless, given the quality of the squad, it’s entirely possible!

Where to buy Denver Nuggets tickets?

To acquire your Denver Nuggets tickets, Hellotickets proves to be a reliable option. This platform is a trusted distributor of NBA tickets. Every transaction is secure, guaranteeing a worry-free purchasing experience. Hellotickets also offers the option of paying in your local currency, a significant advantage for international travelers. A responsive and competent customer service team is also on hand to assist you throughout your purchasing process. If you prefer to buy tickets direct, the Ball Arena ticket office remains an alternative. Please note, however, that tickets may be sold out or more expensive than on the online platform.

If you’d like to reserve a parking space in addition to your Denver Nuggets tickets, Viagogo is the platform that offers you this possibility.

Denver Nuggets ticket prices

Tickets available for every Denver Nuggets home game display a variety of prices. The cost of the same seat can fluctuate depending on the importance of the game. In addition, a courtside seat will not be priced the same as one located in the upper levels of the arena. So here’s a breakdown of the different rates applicable at a Denver Nuggets home game.

Courtside tickets

The most expensive tickets for any NBA game are generally those located on the courtside. The front rows behind the sidelines attract the most attention and are therefore the most expensive. The seats positioned just behind the two baskets are also highly sought-after, but are slightly more affordable.

Since courtside seats are highly sought-after, their availability is often limited. It’s a case of “first come, first served”. To optimize your chances, we advise you to book as early as possible. In terms of cost, budget between 600 and 2,500 dollars per ticket to experience a Denver Nuggets home game from these privileged seats.

Tickets in the lower section

If you’re a basketball fan or a tourist looking for the full NBA experience, the seats in sections 102 to 148 are for you. They offer a high-quality view of the game, at a perfectly acceptable distance from the floor. While courtside seats may be out of reach for some budgets, these lower-level tickets nonetheless allow you to savor the technical and athletic prowess of NBA players. Opting for higher seats could compromise this experience.

In Denver, the cost of these lower-level seats generally starts at 40 dollars, especially for a seat behind the baskets. For a more central view, expect to pay between 150 and 400 dollars per ticket.

Middle section tickets

For those planning an NBA trip to Denver on a tighter budget, mid-section tickets represent an interesting alternative. You’ll save money compared to seats closer to the action and enjoy a relatively good view, especially compared to seats in the upper section. If you’re more of a basketball enthusiast than a die-hard fan, these seats in sections 202 to 260 will be more than enough to guarantee you an enjoyable time.

Most seats for a mid-level Denver Nuggets game range from 50 to 300 dollars. Prices can go up if iconic teams are in the game.

Upper section tickets

Upper-section seats are generally the least sought-after by NBA aficionados. The reason is simple: the precision of the game’s details leaves much to be desired from these heights. Sitting in sections 301 to 380, don’t expect to see the technical finer points of the game. You’ll probably be relying more on the big screens than the floor to keep up with the action. So it’s not ideal if you’re looking to enjoy the show to the full. However, for novices who simply want to feel the atmosphere of an NBA game, these seats will do the trick.

As with any NBA arena, these upper-level seats are the most economical option for watching a Denver Nuggets game. Budget-wise, you can usually find seats for well under 100 dollars. Prices start at around 20 dollars for less popular matches. However, for games against big-name teams, such as the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Lakers, prices for these cheaper seats can climb to 60 dollars or more.

The evolution of average Denver Nuggets ticket prices over the years

In the NBA world, setting ticket prices is the prerogative of each franchise. This leads to variations in cost depending on the team. The principle of supply and demand is generally applied to set these prices. High fan demand for a given match has a direct impact on price increases. The attractiveness of each match also depends on a number of factors, such as the head-to-head match-up between two rival teams or the appearance of reigning NBA champions, which will not arouse the same interest as matches between less successful teams. As competitiveness fluctuates from season to season, ticket prices can vary significantly in most cities.

In the case of the Denver Nuggets, the lowest average price for a match ticket was recorded during the 2018-2019 season at 137 dollars. Conversely, the 2023-2024 season saw the highest average price, with a cost of 175 dollars to attend a Nuggets home game. With inflation having had its effect, a 9-15% growth in ticket prices has been noted by economic analysts. In recent years, the average cost of an NBA ticket in Denver has oscillated between 143 and 160 dollars.

FAQ about buying Denver Nuggets tickets

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about buying Denver Nuggets tickets.

Special offers and discounts for students, military personnel and senior citizens are often available. Preferential rates are also available for groups of more than 20 people.

Denver Nuggets tickets are generally issued in electronic format. You’ll receive them in your e-mail inbox a few days before the event. You can either print out your e-ticket, or have it scanned directly from your phone at the Ball Arena entrance.

Refund and exchange terms vary from vendor to vendor. Be sure to check the specific terms and conditions of the vendor you are purchasing from. If you change your mind, reselling your Denver Nuggets tickets is also an option.

If you have any problems with your e-ticket, please contact the ticket supplier’s customer service department. They will help you solve the problem or issue you with a new ticket.

In general, children under the age of two can enter without a ticket as long as they sit on an adult’s lap. However, this policy may vary between NBA arenas. It is therefore advisable to check the guidelines specific to the Ball Arena before attending a game.