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A native from Chicago where he grew up during his youth, Julius Hearn (28) is a former American professional basketball player. He quickly saw his playing career cut short because of various injuries. Nevertheless, he remained very close to the middle of the orange ball as it is converted in the field of physical preparation for sportsmen. We went to meet him to retrace his path and talk about his objectives.

« I started basketball at 11 years old on seeing Michael Jordan. Before that, baseball was my first sport. At university, I evolved in NCAA D1. I faced players such as Sherron Collins of Kansas, who won the national title that year, and John Scheyer of Duke. Basketball has brought me to travel throughout the United States. And also abroad since I was pro basketball player in Georgia and in Russia. And that, before I break my hand after three games… Following the injury, I returned to Chicago. I tried to get back on the court during summer leagues without success… Because we have also to know that I had previously experienced problems to the meniscus. The physical problems are that some athletes do not experience the same success. And do not take the same direction as others.

“I prepare and I help players become better on and off the field” Julius Hearn

During my periods of rehabilitation, I had more time to study. I graduated in the field of nutrition, health and sports performance, and I also have a master in business administrations.

For 4-5 years, I’m a sports conditionner. I prepare and I help players become better on and off the field through a mix of nutrition, fitness and basketball. I have my own company which is located in North Chicago and called 360 Degrees Health + Fitness. All kinds of athletes such as runners, basketball players, baseball or football, are coming in.

My ambition is not to become coach of a team but to be a personal trainer, bring the athlete to the next level of performance. If an NBA player or a pro player who is playing abroad wants to stay in shape and improve during the offseason, he can come and train with me for the physical preparation, work its technical qualities ball in hand, and his explosiveness , etc. These are all things that I want to develop.

I would also love to come in Europe during the summer to help clubs through workouts. I want to allow them to become a better club, a better team with better players. It was during the offseason as players progress the most. »

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