DR. Julius Hearn tackles athletes’ weak areas early to help pro-ball players prevent injuries

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Hearn’s changing the game, allowing professional athletes to push harder and recover more quickly. And he brings this same philosophy to locals working out in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

CHICAGO-As Dr. Julius “Ju” Hearn wraps up his doctoral degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, adding it to the list of several other degrees including a Masters in Business and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, he travels around the world helping elite athletes. He was born and raised in Chicago and is a former professional European basketball player, and while training and recovering between seasons and games, Julius grew tired of the same approach, and knew he could devise a way to train himself and others to reach the highest level of the game. And now with his new degrees under his belt, he feels he can help even more.

Julius started two companies, Recharge Athletics and 360 Active Recovery, because he saw a gap in the health and fitness industry that needed filling. Understanding the anatomy of the human body extensively, he has created a proven formula that is adjustable and caters to every athlete he works with. By balancing the body mixed with specific sports training, Hearn has helped several professional athletes reach new levels in their game.

Four years ago, Julius founded the Chicago-based company 360 Active, which he co-owns with Vincent Avila. One of his leading staff members is Dr. Sophia Dabney, who specializes in sports medicine, including chiropractic care and physical therapy. “We designed 360 for the everyday athlete such as runners, weight lifters, bikers,” says Julius. “Our goal is to keep athletes in the best shape for the longest amount of time possible.”

Recharge Athletics is a sports performance and recovery based business that caters to professional and elite athletes worldwide. The company is currently two years old, and Julius has been training notable athletes such as Evan Turner (Atlanta Hawks), Patrick Beverly (LA Clippers), Glenn Robinson iii (Detroit Pistons), Kendrick Nunn (Miami Heat), Jacob Pullen (Philadelphia 76er/Euro Pro), David Lighty (FIBA European Professional), William Buford (FIBA European Professional), Mario Little (FIBA European Professional), Marques Bolden (Duke University).

For Recharge Athletics the basketball season is all about keeping the body balanced and preventing injuries. Injuries for any athlete can be devastating, whether it’s a sprained ankle, muscle tear or merely a bone bruise. Julius’ systematic approach to preventing injuries includes keeping the body strong, balanced and functional. “Paying attention to the smallest detail is very important,” says Julius. “This is what separates Recharge Athletics from other trainers-we don’t wait for pain or an injury, we attack weak areas early in the season to prevent injuries from even occurring.”

Now during the offseason, athletes take the time to improve their craft, and that’s why Recharge Athletics designs specific programs for every individual athlete. These programs include nutritional guidance for goals such as weight loss, weight gain and muscle mass gain. Dietary programs are implemented with a safe, gradual progression of athletic training and sports performance, which usually includes low impact exercises to help players’ joints. Julius has been busy traveling and working with Evan Turner of the Atlanta Hawks during this summer. “I appreciate Ju’s attention to detail and passion that he brings to his training. Everything is well thought out and you can tell he truly enjoys trying to get people better. He’s a student of his craft and has a multitude of ways to get you better in the offseason,” said Evan Turner. 360 Active provides these same training principles, right in the Wicker Park neighborhood. For more information: https://www.juhearn.com

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