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Who is James Goldstein, this mysterious NBA fan?

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Original, unique. These two words best describe James Goldstein. In everything he does, this octogenarian businessman does not want to be like the masses. Zoom on this multi-millionaire character who attracts all eyes.

James Goldenstein: an NBA fan like no other

James Goldstein is a well-known name and face in the NBA landscape. This gentleman is friends with many NBA stars, with whom he exchanges a few words and handshakes on the sidelines of matches. Many people would dream of being in his place. It must be said that this gentleman has the best seats to watch the exploits of his favorite teams. Every game day, he pays thousands of dollars for two courtside seats to watch the Lakers and Clippers at home. A luxury that the average basketball fan cannot logically afford, even once in his life…

A big basketball fan, James Goldstein attends most NBA games in Los Angeles. He says he attends more than 100 NBA games a year and travels to follow his favorite teams during the playoffs. Often accompanied by a model or another distinguished guest, he shows up at the edge of the pitch as soon as the players warm up individually. It’s hard not to recognize it. And this, as his atypical clothing style leaves no one indifferent. Recognizable from a distance thanks to his cowboy hat and his long gray hair, this eccentric character appreciates the difference. This unique identity, he maintains it daily in his everyday life.

The origin of his wealth and his hectic life

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, James Goldstein moved to California to pursue his studies in science. Quickly fell in love with this state, he made it his main home. At the same time, his career will take a completely different direction on the professional level. It was far from the scientific field that Goldstein earned his first millions of dollars. He has indeed built his fortune over the years through various lucrative real estate investments. These allowed him to finance his passions. Passionate about basketball, fashion and architecture, James Goldstein travels the world to attend the various Fashion Weeks and satisfy his pleasures.

In the United States, his huge and luxurious villa has been the scene of numerous filmings for the film and advertising industry. In work for more than 40 years, he continues to perfect it. He even had his own nightclub built inside his residence. Show business stars come here every weekend. Because Goldstein organizes frenzied parties there… On his death, his residence will be bequeathed to the Los Angeles Museum of Art. James Goldstein is not married and has no children, as far as we know. So he decided to donate his magnificent home. In addition, he also owns his own clothing brand “James Goldstein Couture”. He is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest men in the United States.

Despite his 82 years, James Goldstein still has 20 years in his head. He admits that he doesn’t like talking to people over 50. Indeed, it gives him the impression of talking with people with an “old school” mentality, similar to that of his parents.

Paris: the James Goldstein’s favorite city

The French capital is James Goldestein’s favorite city when he is on the road. The American businessman comes there at least four times a year. It must be said that Paris has everything to please this great fashion and architecture enthusiast. The City of Light meets its high standards in terms of luxury.

In addition, Paris is located only 11 hours flight from Los Angeles. It is therefore an easily accessible and privileged destination for James Goldstein.

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