Walter Nash « A business man off the court and a star athlete on the court »

Can you introduce yourself?
Welcome, my name is Walter Nash. Born in San Diego, CA. I currently am a 1/3 Owner of my Own Professional Basketball Team as well as I am a professional basketball player. I graduated College with 3 Associate Degrees within the category of Sociology, & a Bachelors Degree in Business. I am 6’2 187lbs. I am the hardest working person I know, very dedicated, ambitious, charismatic intellectual individual, etc.


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When and how did you start playing basketball?
I’ve been around basketball since birth. My older brother played at SDSU & was supposed to enter the NBA Draft at that time. I got serious with basketball at 7 years old. I had a gifted talent for dribbling the ball, and I fell in love with the game of basketball very early.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?
Middle School: My Basketball Journey began to take off in Middle School. This is where I was coached by my own Brother former athlete of SDSU. We took a entire year to work on my shooting due to the expectations that weighed on me. I played AAU, as well as Leagues located in San Diego Ca. I averaged over 20pts a game being the star of each team i was on. I attended the Phenom 150 Camp where I was named top SG in the Nation. I was also award MVP on multiple occasions. Last game of Middle school was very memorable where I scored the most I have ever Scored 60 pts & was called Kobe at the end of the game.

High School: Skip to High School I had to grow up at a very young age due to me taking care of my mother. Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege to have my father around as much as I wanted, but through adversity builds character, and obstacles will always be a learning experience. I started out Freshman year at Serra High School, but due to the lack of interested i kept continuing with AAU Basketball instead of being apart of the high school team. Sophomore year, I attended Patrick Henry High School where i was given the green light to do whatever i wanted. Unfortunately i was a extremely hard worker. I ended up overworking my body and ripping my achilles in a middle of a top tier game. This set back did not stop me, even though i was out for the season I continued to work & had the privilege of bringing my body back & getting back on the court within 3-4 months. Keep in mind the doctor said i would be out for an entire year. I was the fastest healing patient my doctor had seen. Junior Year I was recruited to SDJA. I was the Star athlete on this team averaging over 25pts a game in tournaments, Even though we were having a tough time with our living arrangements living out of a studio apartment me and my mother continue to do whatever was best for us. Within that year I received a call from Palo Verde High School whom was one of the top schools in the entire state of Nevada. They recruited me to go play there where I finished my high school career w/ the 3rd ranked team in the entire state of Nevada.

College: After high school due to me not liking the city of Las Vegas, I went back to San Diego where I was a redshirt for the San Diego Mesa College. I wasn’t interested in using Years of eligibility w/ this school. After SDMC I attended UNLV where I had the privilege to play preseason games with the team, but did not like the moral of how things were being done on the team. So I used the opportunity as a learning experience. Later down the road i attended UCCS, Where I averaged 21.3ppg 6.6apg. I had a great time & a great experience at UCCS, but after this I was ready to start my Pro Career. My Pro career is that of Adversity, & Overcoming nonstop Obstacle in order to Succeed. Here are the stats for my Pro Career & even now I am continuing to get opportunities, Contracts, and a lot more. May even think about entering the NBA.
2017-2018: San Diego Sol; CIBACOPA Professional Basketball Training Camp
2018-2019: Wilson Swiss All Stars (Switzerland): 12ppg 9apg; Bakersfield Jam NBA G League Invitational Basketball Tryouts
2019-2020: Hawks 14ppg 7.4apg
2020-2021 CA Pro Leagues: VBL Swish 24.2ppg 3apg; JBL Swish 18ppg 5apg; SPBL 14ppg 8apg
2021: Team Golden State Summer League 3.5ppg 2apg; Signed at San Antonio Spurs

« I fell in love with the game of basketball very early » Walter Nash


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Une publication partagée par SGNASH (@sgn_gamingyt)

How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?
I am a true 2 way PG I can create shots for my teammates or score the ball at will.
Here is a coachs statement about me: “Walter Nash is a great Professional Prospect, a true two-way Point guard who can create openings for his teammates, as well as score the ball. He consistently runs the floor, works beyond hard and is very effective in transition, both offensively, and defensively. Balls Skills: Handles the ball very well both in the open court as well as in closely guarded pressured situations. He takes pride in being able to control the ball enough to keep anyone from taking it from him. Walter Nash can take over a game if needed by his teammates with his deadly outside jump-shot. Very quick release along with an expanded 3pts range. Court Vision is a plus, He has the ability to facilitate and create open shots for his teammates, recognize double teams, or traps, thereby knowing when to release the ball.

Defense: Walter Nash uses his quickness effectively in applying pressured defense on the ball or on off ball shooters, is also great at anticipating the pass to begin a fast Smart player and commits few fouls. Overall Strengths: Range, shot release, quickness, athleticism, ball handling, basketball IQ, etc.” Coach Kenny”

Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball? If yes, can you describe your experiences ?
Yes, my experiences was one of a kind, I loved every minute of it. I even thought of investing into an estate abroad.

What kind of opportunity are you looking for?
I am looking to network, gain more exposure, work with companies as well as collab since I am a social media influencer via youtube @ SGN_Gaming. I am very open minded to any opportunities, I am a business man off the court and a star athlete on the court.

What do you expect from your pro basketball career overseas?
I expect to be able to continue my career as well as the success I have had within my career. Use the money to invest as I have been doing speaking that i am partial owner of multiple different apps, teams, etc

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?
I conclude this by stating NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…As long as through Adversity, obstacles, and negative things that may occur in your life you stay positive, & Stay Optimistic you can accomplish ANYTHING!!!


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