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Victor Wembanyama is the French athlete who is currently making the buzz. He now exceeded the symbolic bar of 1,000,000 followers on Instagram. All the major American sports media has shared his exploits. In France, many french TV channels devoted a subject to him. The name of Victor Wembanyama is on everyone’s lips. And resonates in the ears of the entire planet… Since a superstar athlete cannot build himself alone, we interested in the origins of the phenomenon. Here are more information about Victor Wembanyama’s family and entourage.

Victor Wembanyama’s Parents

Like everyone else, Wemby has a mom and dad. A small particularity: both of his parents practiced sport at a high level. In the family of Victor Wembanyama, it is a religion.

Felix Wembanyama

Felix Wembanyama is Victor Wembanyama’s father. At the sporting level, he is a former athlete who specializes in the triple jump. Younger, he was crowned French champion in athletics. He also practiced basketball, but at an amateur level. If his son Victor has such impressive mobility and dexterity for a player of his size, it is in large part thanks to him and his wife. In professional life, Félix Wembanyama is an educator.

Elodie Wembanyama

Elodie Wembanyama is Victor Wembanyama’s mother. She is a former professional basketball player who has also been a youth basketball coach. For a long time, she was notably in charge of the basketball school of the Chesnay-Versailles club. This is the institution in which his son Victor took his first dribbling, at the age of 7. On the mother’s side, Victor Wembanyama’s grandparents both tried the orange ball. Basketball is a family story for Wemby.

The brother and sister of Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is the second child in a family of three. He was born January 4, 2004, two years after his older sister Eve. And three years before his younger brother Oscar. In the family of Victor Wembanyama, high level sport is a religion.

Eve Wembanyama

Eve Wembanyama is a member of the Victor Wembanyama family. It’s his big sister. Like him, she wore the colors of the French national team in youth. She won a gold medal at the European U16 Championship, obtained in 2017. In club, this promising player won the title of French U18 champion and Espoirs champion with ASVEL women. For the 2022-2023 season, Eve Wembanyama is playing for Monaco. She previously played professionally in Calais in LF2.

Oscar Wembanyama

After having had a very interesting career in the world of handball, Oscar Wembanyama turned to basketball. Even if the hype for him is lower than that of his big brother Victor, he follows in his footsteps. Oscar was crowned French U15 champion with Nanterre during his first year of playing structured basketball. Last summer, he joined the prestigious ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne academy. Like TJ and Pierre with their older brother Tony Parker, he will attempt to join Victor and Eve in the world of professional basketball. If he continues on his way, we could well see him evolve in the pro circuit in a few years.

Victor Wembanyama’s Agents

To manage his basketball career, Victor Wembanyama is surrounded by professionals. On a sporting level, it is represented by the two co-founders of the Comsport agency. This company ranks at the top of the hierarchy in the sports agent industry in France. With a strong media and commercial potential, Wemby also has an image agent.

Bouna Ndiaye

Economically, he is the most powerful agent of French sport. Bouna Ndiaye is approaching the symbolic bar of one billion dollars in contracts signed. On this subject, Victor Wembanyama should allow him to exceed this amount. If he will only receive around 50 million euros in NBA salaries during his first four seasons in the United States, his second contract could explode all records for an athlete. For an NBA team, Wembanyama’s value is estimated at $500 million. Just that…

Jeremy Medjana

Jérémy Medjana is Victor Wembanyama’s second agent, alongside his partner Bouna Ndiaye. Based in Paris, he goes to all his foal’s home games, as well as some away games. Anyway, Jérémy Medjana watches all games of his protege. Thanks to his basketball experience and expertise, he provides valuable advice to the future NBA superstar. Victor Wembanyama is the most promising athlete the duo of Comsport agents have had to represent since their company was founded.

Nicolas De Fautereau

Nicolas De Fautereau is one of the co-founders of the Willie Beamen agency. But also the cousin of Élodie Wembanyama, Victor’s mother. The company he works for specializes in communication strategies. Willie Beamen has been chosen to manage Victor Wembanyama’s image rights. For partnerships or advertising requests concerning Wemby, it is therefore to this company that you should contact.

Others close to Victor Wembanyama

In addition to his family members, Victor Wembanyama has a small circle of people around him.

Rudy Gobert

Like great businessmen, all professional athletes have mentors. They inspire and accompany them to the very highest level. For Victor Wembanyama, one of his mentors is called Rudy Gobert. The multiple NBA All-Star and defensive player of the year naturally took Wemby under his wing. Wembanyama and Gobert first met several years ago. These two stars of French basketball have a similar size and morphology in common. Even though Victor is taller and more basketball advanced than Rudy was when he was the same age! They also share the same sports agents. At any time, Victor can count on the advice, help and support of his eldest. Those two basketball players will certainly be starters for the French National Team at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Tim Martin

Tim Martin is a coach specializing in the development of the technical abilities of basketball players. Among his clients, there are many NBA players. We can mentionned Trae Young, Tyrese Maxey or Myles Turner. But also Dwyane Wade in the past. Tim and Victor Wembanyama worked together a lot last summer in Dallas. This independent coach also visited Victor last season, when he was playing in Villeurbanne. At his side, the French power foward has developed his range of moves, mainly offensively.

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