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Our review of Viagogo

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Viagogo has established itself as a major online ticketing platform. Founded in 2006, it has grown rapidly. Today, it enjoys an international reputation. Its interface is also well designed, attracting many users.

Viagogo history

Viagogo was born out of a desire to facilitate access to live events. Founded in Switzerland, it soon went global. The market was competitive, but Viagogo stood out. Its rise was remarkable. The platform won the trust of consumers.

Viagogo has known how to innovate. Its offers are varied and of high quality. Word-of-mouth has been favorable. The platform has become a preferred choice for major events. It has held its own, even in the face of increased competition.

Advantages of Viagogo

Viagogo stands out for the variety of its offerings. Whether it’s concerts, sporting events or shows, there’s something for everyone.

Transactions on Viagogo are secure. Several payment methods are available. Data protection is also assured.

The user experience on Viagogo is optimal. The site is intuitive and fast. Information is accurate. This is a strong point for the platform, which attracts a wide audience.

One of the advantages of Viagogo is its accessible customer service. You can contact support in several languages, simplifying communication for international users.

What’s more, Viagogo allows sellers to set their own prices. This creates a competitive marketplace where you can find attractive offers. What’s more, it gives sellers a chance to get a better return on their investment.

Viagogo’s mobile application is also very practical. It offers all the functionality of the website, making it easy to shop on the move. The design is uncluttered and the application is user-friendly.

Viagogo’s wide geographic coverage is another advantage. This ticketing platform offers its services in over 60 countries. Whether you’re in Paris, New York or Tokyo, you can buy tickets for local or international events.

Finally, Viagogo’s convenient delivery system. Electronic tickets are sent directly to your e-mail address, while physical tickets can be delivered to your home or to a collection point.

Comparison with other ticketing platforms

Here’s our comparison between Viagogo and other ticket resale sites. Various criteria were used.

Variety of offers

Some platforms, such as Ticketmaster or Superbillets, also have a wide range of events. However, Viagogo stands out for its international offering. This strong point is worth considering if you’re looking for tickets to events outside your home country.

User experience

When it comes to user experience, Viagogo stands out with its intuitive interface. Other platforms can be less user-friendly, making searching and purchasing tickets less seamless.

Payment options

Viagogo offers a variety of payment options, which is an advantage. Some smaller platforms may not offer as much flexibility.

Conclusion: is Viagogo the right platform for you?

Viagogo offers popular tickets for a wide range of events. However, additional fees can be a sticking point. Nevertheless, they are mandatory to maintain quality of service. In short, if you’re looking for a platform with a wide variety of offers and fees aren’t a concern, Viagogo may be a good choice for you. For certain basketball events, including the NBA Paris Game, Viagogo offers sold out tickets on the official box office that can’t be found elsewhere.

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