Tyrone Mitchell-Hackett: “Basketball is in my blood”

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3PTSHOT: Can you introduce yourself?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: My name is Tyrone Mitchell Hackett. I am a combo guard with professional experience. I just finished playing in a high level pro summer league in Italy called the Torneo di basket Dudi Krainer Summer Jam in Gorizia. I played very well against some of Italy’s top talent (Series C, B, A2, & A1). I also have experience in Mexico playing in the cibacopa division.

3PTSHOT: When and how did you started playing basketball ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: I started playing basketball seriously in the 9th grade. My family history is rich with basketball and I have uncles, cousins, and brothers who have all gone on to play at the Division 1 level as well as professionally. Basketball is in my blood and I just want to continue the legacy my family has put forth.

3PTSHOT: How can you describe your game ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: A solid shooter from outside, with the ability to heat up in a hurry. Very adept at finding his way to the basket. Aggressively attacks the boards at both ends, help-side ability to create havoc by jumping the passing lanes is superb.

3PTSHOT: What are your main strengths on the court ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: – consistent shooter with NBA range.
– high IQ
– great rebounder
– leader
– scorer

3PTSHOT: Can you talk about your highschool and college career ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: Highschool:
– Won state championship
– Won 2 section championships
– played on US top 10 team ranked nationally.

3PTSHOT: What about your pro basketball career ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: Pro Experience:
I have played in Italy against top tier talent ranging from series A1 to series C.
I have also played in Mexico, playing against competition in the CibaCopa division.
I also played in China against teams in the BJ division.
Semi pro (ABA) in the states.

3PTSHOT: Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: I Have traveled to China, Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, and all across the US to play basketball.

3PTSHOT: Can you describe your experiences ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: Throughout my travels with basketball I have learned a great deal about how this industry works. Also I have learned that at any moment your opportunity can come and you have to be ready. Staying in shape and on top of your game is key.

3PTSHOT: What kind of basketball opportunities are you looking for ?
Tyrone Mitchell Hackett: I am currently looking for any opportunity abroad. I have had some offers, but they weren’t the right opportunity for me. I am ready and excited to help any team win.

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