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Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Trey Brown. I am from Augusta, GA. I’m 22 years old. I just graduated from Warren wilson college in December.

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When and how did you start playing basketball?

I started at the age of 5 years old. First, I wanted to become a professional street baller . I used to look at this guy name Mr. Professor and always wanted to be like him. Every day I studied his moves and worked day and night outside on the streets. I used to use rocks, bookbsgs, or just anything that I could use as “cones” to help work on my craft of dribbling and imagining defenders. Then, I started watching college & NBA players. For example, I used to love watching people like Rondo, Steve Nash, and Chris Paul from a point guard perspective. I watched they workout videos and used to stay after school and just worked on them skills to have in my bag. I started off in the streets going against guys, then I moved to playing recreational ball and then school ball. Like I said, I used to go outside and stay outside until my parents told me to come back inside. Basketball has been the love of my life since Day 1. It helps me with school, stress, etc. next , I played for AAU, browns electrical Suns. That organization and the team and the family helped me grow mentally ,physically , and spiritually in basketball. The organization believe that i could do it. We won state championships . Regular tournament championships, and even a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. The guys i played around was amazing. I used to look up to people who were completely better than me and was going at it against them in practice everyday to make myself better. YouTube was my favorite App. So I used to study high level players and just worked on my game. This was all before I started gaining “Trainers.” Before any trainers, I trained myself to get better at something I love to do.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?

So, I started at hillcrest baptist school school for elementary-7th grade basketball. I started out in a private school. I was the youngest player on the team. I was a 5th grader starting against middle school kids. We shocked the area and won the championship that year. Then, my 6th grade year we lost in a championship by 3. 7th grade year we made top 4. I was being classified as a “leader “ at such a young age, because of my work method on and off the court. One of my first coaches ever who believed in me was Coach Clinton. He helped me gain so much confidence in myself and believed in me. So, Later, my 8th grade year, I wanted to prove that I was good enough to go against public school kids. So , I attended Langford middle school. I really enjoyed the experience of that. We became the undefeated champions & I won the 6th man of the year . I felt so proud of myself, because I literally work my tail off on any team I play for. From being a private school baller to public school I gained more respect, connection, & skills.

Highschool, I attended Academy of Richmond county. I won defensive player of the year I believe my 10th grade or 11th grade year. I played varsity basketball since my 10th grade year. Again, it was a big public school. So, yes I had recognition, but nothing is given. I tried out and worked my tail off every year. I truly appreciated my coaches for helping me grow and learn every year. We had a good team every year. Still this day, they are my brothers and I never forget how hard they push me man.

– College I attended for my first 2 years at Belmont abbey college. The institution was at Charlotte, Nc. I earned 6th man of the year my Freshman year of college. Again, something I never thought I would get. My last 2 years, I attended warren wilson college. Them years was a major struggle. But I took loses, but won towards the end. I love my team man and the coaches taught be about Adversity. Seriously adversity. Them coaches at warren wilson college pushed me past my limits and I appreciate them every single day. My senior year, I earned my first and ever MVP award. I kinda broke down after hearing that I received that award. All my life, I dreamed of winning one of them and I finally Got an MVP award. It was a great feeling seriously. Having God by my side every day during wins or loses in any games I ever played in helped me become a better player on and off the court.

Now, I have been training with Chance4Hoops, who is by Jay Fields,from Augusta Ga, Until I head off overseas.

How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?

I can describe my game as an All around player. My main strengths are creating for others. Playmaking, defense, midrange shots, and getting to the basket are my main strengths. I used my quickness and speed to an advantage above most players. My main thing is being a Point guard that controls the game and to make sure to be a leader no matter what. Creating good plays to get my players open for shots is a great feeling. I make sure I do my job on both sides of the court.

Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball?

No, I Have not ever traveled abroad for basketball. But, I will be soon in January or February.

« That goal was to say “ I did it. I am finally a pro .” » Trey Brown


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What kind of opportunity are you looking for?

I’m looking to just get my foot in the door for any team around any country. Either way I would have to work for a spot on the team and contract. My dad taught me that nothing is given and if I want it, I got to go get it the best way I can. As long as I’m getting treated fairly for a chance and gaining network & Opportunities to try out for a team that’s all I’m asking for. I can do the rest.

What do you expect from your pro basketball career overseas?

I just want to say that I achieved my dream every since I was a kid. That goal was to say “ I did it. I am finally a pro .” I want to just gain pro experience for a few years. Learn the field of professional basketball and gain as much networks that I can to continue successfulness in my life. Enjoying the atmosphere of becoming a professional basketball is just my major expectation.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?

Keep God first in everything you do. If you really want to chase a dream, get up and work 110% to get that dream/goal achieved. Hang around the right people. Learn from the mistakes and grow in every category of yourself that you can. Don’t let anybody say you can’t do anything. Don’t let the negativity and jealousy of others get in your way. Don’t worry about anybody else. Worry about yourself. Confidence is the key. You’re biggest competition is YOU. Thank you all for the interview, I appreciate it. To all my supporters out there, I Love y’all and that’s facts.


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