Toddrick Gotcher : « I proposed to my wife to get married on my Senior Night »

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Second best scorer of his new pro team Cholet Basket since the beginning of the season (with an average of 10.2 points per game), the American guard Toddrick Gotcher (6’3, 24 years old) discovers the french Pro A after a first European experience in Greece. I met him to know more about him.

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Toddrick Gotcher. I am 24 years old. I am from Dallas, Texas and I went to Texas Tech University. I am currently in my 2nd year as a professional playing Guard for Cholet Basket in France. 

How did you started playing basketball? Do you have a specific story about basketball growing up?
I started playing basketball at a young age. My parents always had me in sports and I loved it since the day I was born. Growing up I have many videos when I was around 3-10 years old shooting a basketball in the garage and on the streets. My parents loved to record me making baskets as a kid and they believed I would grow up to become a basketball player. 

Before the beginning of your pro career overseas, did you only played for teams in Texas, the state where you were born? Or did you traveled into the United States? What is your path? What is the feeling to play at home?
Yes I only played for teams in Texas. I started high school with a really good team Lakeview Centennial HS and I played AAU for the Dallas Seawolves that really started my foundation as a basketball player. When I was playing AAU, I traveled the United States a lot. Playing in different tournaments in many states around the USA. It was fun and I got to see many cool things while playing basketball. I began to get recruited by many Division 1 Universities while in high school, but I decided that I wanted to play in the Big XII at Texas Tech University. It is a great University, both athletically and academically. I received 3 degrees at Texas Tech (1 Bachelor Degree & 2 Master Degrees). Playing in my home state felt really good and I loved every part of it. 

You played during 5 years in NCAA instead of 4 years. How is that possible?
I played for 5 years because the first year I was at the NCAA, I broke my foot. And when I did that I received a medical redshirt year, which means that I was given an extra year to play. 

What kind of memories did you kept from those years at Texas Tech?
I have many memories. We beat many highly ranked teams. Played in one of the best conferences in the country. I played against many current NBA players and players overseas. One of my favorite memories is when we win a big game and we storm the court, where all the fans and students come on to the court and go crazy. My last memory was when I proposed to my lovely wife Kelly Gotcher on my Senior Night that went viral around the world. 

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So last year, you started your career as a pro basketball player in Europe. Your first contract was in Greece. How did you get that contract? Did you had some others offers in the same time? If yes, why did you chose Koroivos?
I got that contract with Koroivos at the perfect time. I had some other offers, but I chose Koroivos because it was in a good league and I could learn a lot from playing on that team. It helped me develop as a professional and get familiar with the European game and lifestyle. I knew if I played well, I could take a step up in my career. 

How was this first season, both about team and individual results and the daily life? Did you needed a time to adapt?
The first season went really well. I adjusted well to the daily life and we managed to achieve the team’s goals. I would consider it a successful year for me personally because of the goals I set for myself that I completed. 

Since last summer, you are now playing for Cholet, in France. What are the differences about everything (life, city, basketball, etc.)?
The life in Cholet is great. I love it and I love France. It is a little different from Greece, but I love the city and the food especially. This league in France is very athletic and plays really good basketball. I have adjusted well and as a team, we are getting our flow and started to get wins. So I am happy where I am at and I love being here. 

You recently had a little break because of the FIBA World championship qualifications games. Did you have used this time to visit some cities such as Paris or other countries in Europe for example? Or did you stayed in Cholet to rest and go to practice?
I established that I wanted to go see the Eiffel Tower, which is something that I dreamed of as a kid. I went to Paris to check out the scenery and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was very fun, I really enjoyed myself. Now it is time to get back on the grind and continue to bring wins for the team. 

To conclude, what are your expectations for this season and also the future?
My expectations are to continue to play hard as a team this season. Gain as many wins as possible and I can see us getting into the playoffs going forward. The future is bright I believe and I just want to stay healthy and continue playing at a high level. 

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