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Three-point shot interview with Jeremi Booth

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American swingman Jeremi Booth answered the three-point shot specific interview.

3PTSHOT: What represents the three-point shot for you?
Jeremi Booth: All my life, I have been known as a shooter. Anybody that knows me knows that I love the three-point shot. The three-pointer has gotten me to this point in my career. Being able to shoot the 3 has helped me to make my high school team, earn a scholarship and to go pro.

3PTSHOT: Do you remember when and where did you made your first three-point shot?
Jeremi Booth: I think I made my first three-point shot at the age of 8 at the YMCA.

3PTSHOT: What is a perfect three-point shot for you?
Jeremi Booth: The perfect three-point shot for me is when the ball hits all net and the nets gets tangled up. I like when the referee has to stop the game to fix the nets.

3PTSHOT: As a professional basketball player, do you work every day on your three-point shot?
Jeremi Booth: Yes, I work on my three-point shot everyday whether it is physical or mental. I have put so much work into my shot, that now it’s all about preparation and balance. I try to have the same release on every shot.

3PTSHOT: How many three-point shot did you ever made in a row?
Jeremi Booth: I have not tried this test yet…I will try it soon and let you know the results.

3PTSHOT: What is the greatest or most important three-point shot that you had ever made?
Jeremi Booth: I have made plenty of game tying or game winner three-point shots. But the greatest three-point shot that I have made was my first year in Calais vs. Poissy. The coach drew up a play for me to come off a down screen for a open three-point shot at the top of the key. When the shot went in, my teammates tackled me to the floor and we celebrated. Big time moment in my career.

3PTSHOT: What is your feeling when you score a three-point shot?
Jeremi Booth: I feel great when I make a three-pointer because when the first three goes in, I could get hot and not miss a shot after.

3PTSHOT: What is your favorite move to celebrate a three-point shot made?
Jeremi Booth: I use to celebrate so much in college after making a three-pointer but since going pro, I keep it simple because I play so hard and I don’t want to use unnecessary energy. Maybe I will bring out some celebrations this season out of my bag.

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