Three-point shot interview with Dee Bost

The new Zalgiris Kaunas’s american point guard Dee Bost answered the three-point shot specific interview.

3PTSHOT: What represents the three-point shot for you?
Dee Bost: The 3pt shot for me is one of my favorite shots in the game.

3PTSHOT: Do you remember when and where did you made your first three-point shot?
Dee Bost: No I don’t remember my first 3pt shot.

3PTSHOT: What is a perfect three-point shot for you?
Dee Bost: A perfect three-point shot for me is a swish.

3PTSHOT: As a professional basketball player, do you work every day on your three-point shot?
Dee Bost: As a basketball player I take time daily to work on my 3pt shot because if you don’t some teams or people consider you a liability.

3PTSHOT: How many three-point shot did you ever made in a row?
Dee Bost: The most I ever made in a row practicing my shot was 20 in a row.

3PTSHOT: What is the greatest or most important three-point shot that you had ever made?
Dee Bost: The most important 3pt shot I made was in the playoffs when I was in Poland in the finals game 1 to tie the game with maybe 1 minute or less remaining.

3PTSHOT: What is your feeling when you score a three-point shot?
Dee Bost: When I score a 3pt shot it feels great because once you make one you can get hot from the 3pt line. 

3PTSHOT: What is your favorite move to celebrate a three-point shot made?

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