Three-point shot interview with Alexandre Gavrilovic

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Alexandre Gavrilovic, the french-serbian center of the BC Tsmoki-Minsk team (Belarus), answered the three-point shot specific interview.

What represents the three-point shot for you?
The three-point shoot represents a major quality for a basketball player. For me, it’s a huge asset because most players at my position do not shoot behind the line. I can vary between playing inside and outside the paint.

Do you remember when and where did you made your first three-point shot?
I started pretty late playing basketball, around 14 years old, so it took me time to learn the shoot gesture and get confidence. I scored my first three in the United States at the prep school when I was 17 years old, on a pick and pop play. Since then, the three-point shot is part of my game.

What is a perfect three-point shot for you?
The perfect three-point shot, it’s a shot which is take with confidence and has been worked thousands of times during practice.

As a professional basketball player, do you work every day on your three-point shot?
Yes, I devote myself at least an hour a day to work on my three point shot. To be effective, it is imperative to work on a regular basis to be confident and comfortable during games.

How many three-point shot did you ever made in a row?
I don’t know exactly but I have to succeed 10/10 every day.

What is the greatest or most important three-point shot that you had ever made?
In NCAA, when I played for Towson, my team was losing by 2 points with 4 seconds remaining. The coach put a system to free me in the corner. Practically at the buzzer, I scored the decisive bucket. I think this is the most important three-point shot of my career.

What is your feeling when you score a three-point shot?
I do not have a particular feeling. I say to myself that with the hours that I spend to work my shot outside the practices, it is normal that I score behind the line! I’m never satisfied because I know I can always improve my three-point shot percentage.

What is your favorite move to celebrate a three-point shot made?
Sprint back in defense lol!

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