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Who are the shortest NBA players in 2024?

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Being short is a disadvantage for playing at the highest level of basketball. Statistically, an athlete under 5’11” has very little chance of becoming a professional basketball player in the United States. This is considering that the average height of an NBA player is 6’7″.

Nevertheless, as with everything, there are a few exceptions. And thankfully! We remember Spud Webb (5’7″), or Nate Robinson (5’9″) who won the All-Star Weekend dunk contest. Their small stature in a world of giants did not stop them from finding success.

99% of the shortest NBA players are point guards. They cannot compete in the paint with centers measuring 6’10” and taller. The height difference between these types of basketball players is too significant. Here is the Top 10 shortest NBA players in 2024.

Jacob Gilyard (5’8″): the shortest NBA player in 2024

Jacob Gilyard is currently the shortest NBA player. Standing at 5’8″, he naturally plays point guard. Having split his season between the Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets in the NBA, this Kansas City native also played in the G-League. It’s uncertain if he’ll extend his stay in the league long-term.

Isaiah Thomas: a former top scorer and the second shortest NBA player

There was a time when Isaiah Thomas was the shortest player in the NBA. This veteran and former All-Star is now in second place. He had to fight to find his place in the league. His size played tricks on him several times. Nevertheless, his fighting spirit and scoring ability silenced the skeptics. Having signed several 10-day contracts with the Phoenix Suns in 2024, Isaiah Thomas no longer has the same impact as before. His contribution is mainly vocal as a guide for younger players.

Tyus Jones: the Wizards’ point guard in the Top 5 shortest NBA players

With over 12 points per game on average, Tyus Jones just had his best career season with the Washington Wizards. The former Duke student-athlete thrived as the starting point guard. Yet, he barely surpasses 6 feet. Proving that size isn’t everything!

Aaron: the shortest NBA player in the Holiday family

The brother of Jrue and Justin Holiday is a less known NBA player compared to his siblings. Aaron Holiday didn’t inherit the same height as his brothers. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop him from joining the NBA. A player for the Houston Rockets in 2024, he is a role player coming off the bench. He officially measures 6’0″.

Jevon Carter and his 6’0″

A backup point guard for the Chicago Bulls, Jevon Carter is one of the shortest NBA players. He is listed among the players measuring 6’0″. His relatively small size hasn’t prevented him from having a respectable career in the world’s greatest basketball league.

Davion Mitchell: another point guard listed at 6’0″

The ninth pick in the 2021 draft made a good entry into the NBA. Statistically, his first season in the league was more than decent. At 6’0″, Davion Mitchell is fearless. His future with the Sacramento Kings initially seemed promising. His next two NBA seasons showed a significant drop in performance compared to his rookie season. The 2024-2025 season would be crucial for his NBA future.

Jordan McLaughlin: a reliable rotation player for the Timberwolves

Jordan McLaughlin (6’0″) is one of the shortest NBA players. A professional basketball player since 2019, he has already played five seasons with the Timberwolves. Not bad considering most players struggle to accumulate more than four seasons in the league. This small point guard plays a rotation role.

Chris Paul: a future legend among the shortest NBA players in 2024

Now 39 years old, Chris Paul is nearing retirement. A future Hall of Famer, this strong point guard has had a great career at the highest level. This multiple All-Star compensated for his reduced height (6’0″) with numerous qualities. His leadership, organization, passing, and scoring abilities are well known.

Kyle Lowry: an NBA champion who was a longtime starter

A former All-Star and NBA champion in 2020 with the Raptors, Kyle Lowry is a veteran figure in American basketball. In 2022, the Eastern Conference leader entrusted him with running the game. This proves once again that height isn’t necessarily a problem in basketball. In 2024, he is an experienced player recruited by another league heavyweight.

TJ McConnell: the Pacers’ scrappy player listed at 6’0″

Among the shortest NBA players in 2024, TJ McConnell has already played nine seasons in the league. At 32, this experienced point guard just had his best career season. A great passer and shooter, with excellent basketball IQ, he has much to offer his team.

Bonus: these short NBA players listed at 6’1″

About twenty NBA players are listed around a height of 6’1″. Among this list, there are several All-Stars.

Seth Curry – Trae Young – Fred VanVleet – Patty Mills – Payton Pritchard – Darius Garland – Dennis Schröder – Jalen Brunson – Mike Conley Jr – Patrick Beverley – Craig Porter – Collin Gillspie – Malachi Flynn – Scotty Pippen Jr – Terry Rozier – Jose Alvarado – Miles McBride – Tre Jones – Devonte Graham – Kira Lewis Jr.

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