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It’s 12:35pm in Florence, Italy and I’m doing this interview about me being able to open the doors in France and Italy in such a short time. I’m confidence because I know that even though I got great talent I have something bigger than talent and that’s it’s dedication, work ethic and perseverance. The things I have to do in the basketball court to be successful are easy compare to all the things I have to do outside the court and waiting for the time to sign. I don’t wait for opportunities I create them and always working on getting better because it’s taking a little longer but in the positive side I keep doing my job. One thing good about me is that I never quit no even one day. Where I come from is very little country on the map and in reality my people believe in me but they can’t push me because there isn’t much hope in my town (Cupey) and the farther I go the biggest impact I can be there to change negative minds and bring hope for good.

The #1 reason that I always overcome any obstacles is God. I don’t like talking about religion because it separates the world but I can say myself that God is real and I’ve seen how he never let me down no matter what. The #2 reason it’s my family because you can always feel their love no matter where you are it’s a connection. My mom is special to me, My 2 sisters Nere and Kathia are special to me too. My Uncle help me learning when I was little we when to the court and that was part of my beginning always thank him for that. My best friend and brother Armando Sierra is special because we always together no matter in what situation we are and he is very real with me and with everyone. Damian Morales my brother keep working and never quit we will make it no matter what. Luis Cotto my cousin that’s in New York also connected with me and support me on the process. My Trainer Esteban Santiago is the reason I’m always in great shape and elevate my game to the next level. He is definitely a future NBA trainer and Quiropractor of the highest level. Zuleima is special and always supporting me in all times so I wanted to let the people that are there for me know I’m thankful and I wish them success. Finally I want to send a message to my dad who is in jail and fighting legally to get out. Want to tell him that he is still my favorite person to be with since I was little and still the same and I want him to win the case and get out so we can be together enjoying life and traveling the world together.

Today I have cardio, abs then will do a pool workout. You never know when your time will come that’s why it’s good to stay ready. I’m ready to make an impact in Europe but training while the time comes. Yo vengo de un lugar donde decian que triunfar era imposible! #BeastMode #SelfMade #Blessings

I want to thank Allan and 3ptshot for this interview and for following my progress. It’s a very nice sports web and I like working with him. Italy is a very beautiful country and I’m staying where Leonardo Da Vinci was born. I’ve been in Varese, Milano and most of the time in Florence.
Before I start playing I want to visit Venice and Rome.

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