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Ruben Eli Cotto, a Puerto Rican who wants to conquer Europe

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Puerto Rican point guard, Ruben Eli Cotto (27 years old) is looking for a contract in Europe and more specifically in France, where he has been training for over a week. He tells us his story.

« I was 6 years old when I started playing but I was 11 when I started going to the basketball court before school in the morning. 11 years old till 15 I did that and I got better in shooting, dribbling and every aspect of the game. I always play with people older than me growing up. My Dad, Uncle and most family grew up playing basketball. In Cupey basketball was played everyday so that was a lot of practice for me. Cupey is the name of my town and I’m very proud of growing up there.

I had the feeling that I can be a Pro Player since I was 12 years old I always say I would be a Professional player and then at 19 I was sure that I would be. The people laugh when I say I was going to be Pro and now they are my fans haha.
I went to High School in Miami, Florida and in there I have better basketball opportunities and very good school. I was ready because I went to one of the best Schools in my Home Puerto Rico before going to Miami. My school in Puerto Rico name is Bonneville School.

In USA I went to La Salle High School and Alton High School then I sign NCAA D1 at St Louis University (Atlantic 10 Conference).
The coach had some personal problem and I left school and signed Professional in Puerto Rico. I play 6 seasons in Puerto Rico and now I want to start playing in Europe.
I want to become to keep training hard and get better every year and accomplish my goals and my dreams.

Some people see basketball like a sport I see basketball like a life. I want to be a guy that no matter what happen in his life still find the way to become a professional basketball player and never quit trying. I want to send a message to the world and to my people of Puerto Rico. I want them to know that the easy life doesn’t give you nothing in the end.

Most people don’t like trying to be professional because they are scare of working hard, they are scare of sometimes failing, they are scare of not making a team, that’s the fear of life that blocks people for becoming great at something. It’s okay to fail, it’s ok when you are not good enough that’s why practice exist, that’s why there is always another day, that’s why you need to keep trying because excellent is a habit not an action. Practice doesn’t make you perfect, practice makes you permanent!

Concerning the AK Sport Training Camp, I discover it because some good friend knows my talent and told me that it would be good for me to be in the camp so they can see me working and playing here. My goal is to start playing in Europe this season and every week, month, year get better to reach the highest level.

I’m very happy with my first week in France. The training camp is very organized and the leaders are very professional and responsible about it.
I want to see more of France but right now my mind is on going to the basketball court after lunch and get a training. I like the leaders, The Camp, the facilities and the nice happy environment in the trainings and games.

In basketball I always look at the different leagues videos and I saw Pro A and Pro B. In the country I knew about Eiffel Towel because I always wanted to go there and some other places in France like the castles. I know France have a lot more but that’s all I knew and know so far. I heard about good fashion, cuisine, art and architecture.

 I can see myself playing here and learning French. To conclude, « Beast Mode », « No los Veo » those are my 2 favorite phrases ».

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