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“My name is Roy Jackson Jr and my journey all started out in a small city called Flint, Michigan on the north side known as “Gundry” chasing a dream to become a professional athlete and it’s finally here. My city is known as one of the dangerous cities in America and now we have a water crisis situation that has harmed some individuals but that haven’t stopped me from shooting at the park off Home Street and DuPont of hitting my local gym at Flint Hamady to make sure I put in the extra work that was needed to become legendary in my city. Moms and pops made sure I stayed out of the mean streets and kept me focused on the right path to become great at this game of basketball, I’m just a young man from Flint trying to inspire others across the world to chase there dreams and never give up because in the end God has a special gift for you just have to be patient like I did and it will come true.

Since I left Flint, Michigan on the 16th of March and was drafted in the 2nd Round of the Liga Estatal De Desarrollo (LEDT) Draft to Bardos De Jerez by General Manager Iram Estrada and player/coach Carlos Uriel Gonzalez Cabral my stay here in Jerez, Mexico has been great and full of love from the fans of Jerez from taking photos with the people and signing autographs for the kids to attending their schools. I’m having a great time with my teammates of Bardos they welcomed me in not only as a player but as family to make sure my stay here is wonderful and I love them all.

Playing Professional Basketball in the Liga Estatal De Desarrollo witch is a newly formed League here in Mexico that consist of 9 teams from different cities for the 2017 season this year, but looks to grow to 17-20 teams for the start of next season. This is a highly competitive league that consist of two Americans Players per team. So far for Bardos De Jerez I am the second leading scorer on a very talented team I average 25.7 points 4.5 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game to start the 20 game regular season off not including the playoffs that begin in 1st week of June. We have a tough schedule ahead of us but I’m confident that by June we will be in the Top spots for a playoff appearance and make a good run for the LEDT Championship that takes place around June 11th.

Playing alongside Carlos Uriel Gonzalez Cabral is a blessing because I can learn so much from him because here in Mexico I would consider him as one of the greatest to ever touch a basketball and at the age of 36 he is still in great shape and is still able to dunk the ball and do 360’s so it’s amazing to be playing alongside him.

Also another player who I consider a brother name PJ Boutee who played at University of Detroit Mercy and Professional in Puerto Rico last season is another outstanding player who is also my teammate who currently wakes me up everyday for two a day workouts before practice makes things easier because he’s my roommate and we share the same story and striving for the same goal so being out here in Mexico with him is a blessing because not only did I meet a teammate but I got a brother for life.

But I’d like to give special S/o to God first and foremost and also the President of Jerez Fernando UC and also our General Manager Iram Estrada along with Player/Coach Carlos Uriel Gonzalez Cabral and my big brothers Arturo Javier Trejo Vega and Namzug Sesiom for making Jerez my home and pushing me everyday to get better not only as a basketball player but as a individual as well. I will always call Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico my home and I’m glad I’m able to come here and enjoy this wonderful experience with you all. Thank you. #TheBardosWay.🙏🏽🏀🌊🔥

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