Robert Linton: “I want to build my reputation abroad”

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Robert Linton is an Australian combo guard and an elite shooter. This is an interview to know more about this great player, which is looking for a team overseas as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate, give him a chance!

3PTSHOT: Can you introduce yourself ?

Robert Linton: Hello, My name is Robert Linton. I am 26 years old and am a combo 1/2 guard. I have been playing professionally for 3 years in the top winter division in Australia. I have been a starting 2 guard for the last 2 seasons and lead the league in 3pt percentage in my first season.

3PTSHOT: When and how did you started playing basketball ?
Robert Linton: I started playing basketball in grade 4 when I changed schools. I was encouraged to play by the school and picked it up very quickly.

3PTSHOT: How can you describe your game ? What are your main strengths on the court ?
Robert Linton: My game is knocking down shots and locking down on defence. I am a strong shooter that you cannot leave open. I shoot the 3 at a high percentage and like to get the the ring when defenders jump on my pump fake. I am all about getting stops, forcing turn overs and making hustle plays that inspire my team to lift of defence. I am a leader and like to be very vocal on both ends of the court.

3PTSHOT: You attended University of New Brunswick in Canada. How was the experience ? And how were you recruited there?
Robert Linton: I was recruited to go play at Delaware State in New Jersey, it was a Div 1 school but my grades were too low to be eligible. UNB found out in Canada and said I was eligible for their league and they could take me instantly so I decided to go there. My college career was filled with injures and after I hurt my back I decided to move back to Australia to play professionally and finish my degree here.

3PTSHOT: Then, what was your journey ? Have you directly started playing pro?
Robert Linton: I moved to Melbourne after college and began playing for KNOX which was a team in the SEABL league. It is the top league in the winter division. I came into a team that was very guard heavy, but by the end of the season I was the 6th man coming off the bench. Each season I have moved to a different team because I have been getting better offers and opportunities. In our league we are only allowed 2 foreign players per team. Instead of signing an import, the team I signed with this year was a wealthy club hired myself to fill the import position. I have a good reputation as a player in my league and am wanting to build my reputation abroad.

3PTSHOT: Basketball season in Australia does not last all year. Would you like to play overseas during your offseason ?
Robert Linton: I would love to play overseas now my season is over. I have just graduated university and am 100% committed to being a professional.

3PTSHOT: Playing in NBL, the D1 australian championship, is a dream or a goal for you ?
Robert Linton: I was training with Melbourne United 3 times a week during my SEABL season. United are 1 of the 8 teams in our national league that play over our summer. I developed 2 ingunial hernias and was unfit to practice or play. I had to get surgery and had 6 weeks of recovery before I could play again. I am 100% recovered, however United decided to go with a player that was fit and ready to play. I was advised to go play overseas to build my professional experience and player resume to better my chances of playing in the NBL next season.

3PTSHOT: Do you have a pro career plan ?
Robert Linton: Yes, I need to play overseas this offseason to put myself in a position to secure a roster spot in the next NBL season. My game is ready to play at that next level, I just need to build my professional playing experience. I have been working relentlessly on my game and fitness to get back into playing shape and am 100% committed to obtaining a overseas contract as soon as possible. I have multiple teams wanting me to play for them next season in our Australian league, however, I do not want to commit to any team at the moment as I am putting all my effort into securing a roster spot on an overseas team. I know if I play overseas I will be able to showcase my talents and have what it takes to move up leagues each season.

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