Ricco Cummings « Show that I am capable of playing for an overseas team »

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Ricco Cummings. Born in inglewood, CA and raised in Moreno Valley, CA. I attend Cal State Northridge and I’m pursuing my bachelors degree. I graduate in June of 2021. I am 6’3 and 200 pounds and I am a hard working charismatic extravagant intellectual.

When and how did you start playing basketball ?

A ball was put into my hands as a kid. And I always would play basketball. I started in elementary and I was always active as a kid with football and basketball mostly. But basketball just ultimately over time it stuck with me.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?

My basketball path is different than most so I converted from basketball to football once I got to high school. I was a bit of a late bloomer because I ended up growing over time I was 5’1 and 115 pounds coming into high school. I went straight for basketball and football as and alternative but the junior year came and I played for my school and senior year I tried for football but transferred schools and ended up sticking with basketball even though I didn’t play senior year because I didn’t make it at the school I transferred to. I would always play at the local parks and recreation gyms in the city and I ended up meeting a mentor to get my body right and perfect a couple bad habits senior year. Then, after I graduated, I knew I needed more work I sprouted up to 6’3 and 200 pounds once I got to college I needed up meeting another mentor with professional experience who helped me whom my craft along with another trainer who had overseas experience I’ve been to cal state Dominguez hills riverside city college and now cal state northridge I tried out for all but politics got in the way but at cal state northridge I showed good skill the coaches like me and wanted me to continue to come back but because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to get onto the squad for my final year at the school I transferred to off of academic success so I’ve always dealt with politics. But I have never given up and even though I was a late bloomer, I’ve always been willing to work hard and it helped me progress my game because I met my last mentors when I was 19. And that’s when I started getting professional help with my game from experienced professionals.

“I am a shooting guard as well and an all around type of player” Ricco Cummings

How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?

If I were to describe my game, I would say I am a defensive hustle player who communicates with his teammates and is very team oriented. I have something you can’t teach is what I’ve been told which comes from treating every possession on the court like it is the last one. As well, I can jump high and I know how get to my spots on offense to score. I am a shooting guard as well and an all around type of player.

Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball?

I haven’t traveled abroad before but willing to and open too. I am ready whenever and I know a passport is mandatory.

What kind of opportunity are you looking for?

I’m looking for the opportunity to put my skills on full display to become pro and make an overseas team and bring good play hustle and effort and defense and scoring so that I can take advantage of an opportunity that doesn’t come often for most. I want to show that I am capable of playing for an overseas team and produce.

What do you expect from your pro basketball career overseas?

For my pro basketball career overseas, I intend to make my dreams come true by becoming a professionally officially and to show that my work ethic and my game style of play can be a benefit to a team that can give me a chance and an opportunity. I love the game of basketball so much and to get this opportunity to do what I love and work at it consistently full time would be exquisite. I am coachable as well. I am able to obtain my academics while still working and grinding for basketball so I know how to work and once I am a professional on an overseas team I intend to work on my craft and train and grow and produce and to help others grow around me and so that me and my teammates can become better and be the best versions of ourselves as professionally overseas players as we can be.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?

To conclude I have never been afraid to work. I am looking to bring a team available respectable competitive determined player that has been through politics his whole basketball career but never quit and still is vigilant and trains. I will bring an overseas team something special and willing to handle all objectives necessary. I have been through all adversity from being homeless with my mother and changing clothes in storage units and my father passing while obtaining my associates to degree and bouncing back and now about to obtain my bachelors degree and from being homeless with my mother to us both being finally stable so I know how tuff things can be but I never quit and I am always willing to work hard and produce.

Contact info

Instagram: @trapflocko_ricco
Facebook: Ricco Cummings
Email: promoricky@aol.com

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