Rashad Parms “Play at a big time school and one day play professional ball”

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Can you introduce yourself?
I’m Rashad Parms I’m a 6’4 guard and I attend Mater Academy.

When and how did you start playing basketball?
I started playing at 6 years old and I my dad introduced me to it and it felt like love at first sight.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?
Well at first I was trying to find myself as a basketball player and see what will make me flourish in the future, and work on the mental part of the game but now I know who I am as a player but at time I still find myself working on the mental part but as I mature more and more I will be just fine.

Rashad Parms 2How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?
I’m a combo guard and my main strengths on the court is that I can get to the basketball, can shoot the mid range jumper, rebound, and play defense.

What kind of opportunity are you looking for the next few seasons and your future?
The opportunity I’m looking for is to play at a big time school and one day play professional ball.

What do you expect for your College career as an athlete?
I expect to get better every single day and improve on my character and my basketball game weather I’m the first one in the gym and the last one out I just wanna set an example that I wanna play this game for a long time.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?
I’m just on a mission to as good as I know I can be.


IG: @rcp_13


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