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Who is Oscar Wembanyama, Wemby’s brother?

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Oscar Wembanyama is a 15-year-old French basketball player. He was born on March 18, 2007 in Versailles, near Paris. Member of the Tony Parker academy, he belongs to the 100 best players of his generation. As a member of his family, he is part of the close entourage of Victor Wembanyama.

Oscar Wembanyama: Victor Wembanyama’s little brother

Oscar Wembanyama’s career in basketball is quite atypical. To do differently than his big sister Eve and his big brother Victor, Oscar first played handball. He was also very good in this sport! Indeed, the youngest of the Wembanyama siblings was ranked among the best handball players in his age category in Ile-de-France. A professional career in this sport would therefore have been quite possible for him. However, Oscar Wembanyama finally decided to take another turn. And this, by taking his first license in a basketball club.

He was crowned French champion at the end of his first season playing basketball! Just that… Nevertheless, it must be said that Oscar was not quite a beginner in basketball. He was introduced to the orange ball by his mother Élodie Wembanyama, a former professional player. In addition, he was able to compete many times against Victor. Thus, he was able to benefit from valuable advice to improve at high speed. Basketball is a family affair with the Wembanyama’s.

A first televised game against LeBron James’s sons for Oscar

Oscar Wembanyama’s first televised match was watched by his big brother. Victor Wembanyama was indeed in the VIP stands of the Palais des Sports Maurice-Thorez in Nanterre to attend the game between the American team of California Basketball Club and a French selection of U18s. Excited, he immortalized with his smartphone the entry of his little brother at the end of the game. During his short period of playing time, Oscar had time to deliver a magnificent assist to his teammate Bilal Coulibaly.

Oscar Wembanyama has a certain talent. But he also has a lot of room for improvement. If he keeps getting better day after day, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him called up to the France youth team in the summers to come. This would be the first step leading him to the world of professional basketball.

A future in professional basketball for Oscar Wembanyama?

At 15 years old and after only a year of playing competitive basketball, it is impossible to predict whether or not Oscar Wembanyama will become a professional basketball player. Similarly to his brother and sister, he is likely to play at a high level. However, no one can say yet if he will play in the French first division, in Pro B or in the NBA. If Oscar Wembanyama manages to join the NBA, it would be something nice for French basketball. And a great pride for his parents, Félix and Élodie.

There are several siblings in the NBA. There are twin brothers Lopez (Brook and Robin) and Morris (Marcus and Markieff). We have also the Iberian Hernangomez brothers. They succeeded the Gasol siblings, Paul and Marc. There are also the Antetokounmpo and Wagner brothers… However, no French family has succeed to send at least two of its members to the NBA. At the level of French basketball, the best known families are Monclar, Beugnot, Parker and Sy. With Victor and Oscar, the Wembanyama’s could go down in history.

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