Omar Strong : “Every year I think my game has gotten better”

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The american point guard Omar Strong (5’9”, 27 years old) is currently a free agent after being a great scorer in France during the last two seasons. For, he talks about his professional basketball career overseas.

Can you introduce yourself?
Hello, I’m Omar Strong.

How did you started playing basketball?
I just picked up a basketball as a kid. I didn’t start playing organized basketball until I was in Middle school.

How can you describe your game?
I’m a scoring guard that’s scrappy!

You played during the last two years in France (Quimper then Saint-Vallier in D3), so I imagine that the championship and country were good for you? What do you like in France? Do you speak some french words?
Yes, France what’s a great experience for me. Living and basketball. The fans are great people!! The fans make France nice! French was very difficult for me. Maybe a few words but that’s it.

What can you say about the level of competition and the life during your previous pro experiences in Canada and Bulgaria? And also about the evolution of your game through the years?
The level of competition was nice in Bulgaria & Canada. Lifestyle in Bulgaria was like a 3rd world country smh! Terrible!!! I love Canada! Just was way too cold!!! Every year I think my game has gotten better. I’m finding myself reading the game better.

What are your best memories yet playing basketball?
Player of the year my last year in college. 6th man of the year in Canada.

What did you do during summer? Did you played TBT?
I’ve been working out this summer trying to stay healthy. Yes I played in tbt but we lost first game. Most of our team played in the Big 3 tournament so it was a bit different. Always a great experience.

To conclude, where would you like to play next season?
I’m not sure! China would be lovely. Maybe even Lebanon.

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