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NBA games in New York: the complete guide

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New York is the leading destination for tourists in the United States. It must be said that the city that never sleeps has strong assets. Its appeal is immense. This American metropolis is full of activities to do. The cultural offer is great. There is never a dull moment during a stay in the Big Apple. In terms of sports shows, sports enthusiasts are served. New York is home to two baseball teams and two basketball teams. But also a team for ice hockey and another for American football. The choice is so wide!

Among all these sports institutions, two are of particular interest to us. These are obviously the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. These are the two NBA franchises located in the most populous city in the United States. Getting an affordable ticket to an NBA game in New York isn’t always easy. It can even sometimes be an obstacle course. We will therefore see how to buy your NBA ticket at the best price. And that’s for both the Knicks and the Nets.

NBA games in New York: the price for Knicks tickets

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the home of the New York Knicks is a legendary performance hall. As a result, going to a show at Madison Square Garden isn’t for everyone. The Knicks’ NBA home games are no exception. The most famous arena in the world applies premium prices. And this, even to be located at the top of the stands! Prestige has a price. The biggest stars of cinema, sport and show business have their seats at the edge of the field. A courtside ticket to a New York Knicks game costs several thousand dollars for a single game! Chances are you don’t have such a budget to attend an NBA game in NYC.

You should therefore aim for higher rows. Certainly, the view will not be as grandiose as with the feet on the parquet. However, there is no doubt that your location will be sufficient to fully appreciate the show. A seat at mid-height is a good compromise. You will find it for a good hundred euros. Even at this price, tickets go very quickly. First come, first served. Priority is also given to subscribers. So don’t delay before buying your tickets for the New York Knicks. Prices on the secondary market can explode. Especially for larger posters! Such as a Knicks vs Warriors or a Knicks vs Lakers…

Ticket prices for the New York Knicks are among the highest of any NBA team. The Top 5 most expensive NBA tickets are completed by the Lakers, Warriors, Bulls and Celtics.

NBA games in New York: price for Brooklyn Nets ticket

NBA tickets for the Brooklyn Nets are more affordable than for their neighbors the New York Knicks. This, despite better competitiveness in 2023 from the New York second team. Spencer Dinwiddie and his teammates evolve in the brand new room of the Barclays Center.

Brooklyn Nets fans are far outnumbered by Knicks fans. Nevertheless, the team coached by Jacque Vaughn has its audience. This is made up of different social classes. Even if his place will be located closer to the ceiling than to the floor, a worker will have more easily the finances to attend a Brooklyn poster compared to a New York Knicks game. Among celebrities, Jay-Z is probably the most well-known Nets supporter.

Attending a Brooklyn Nets home game is a great experience. Especially if you are passionate about the NBA and not specifically about a particular team! If you have the time and the money during your stay in New York, we advise you to go to at least one meeting of each of the two New York teams. You will not regret it ! Thus, you will discover two different atmospheres and styles of play. Chills and mind-blowing memories guaranteed!

Christmas NBA games in New York

Every year, tickets to NBA games in New York are packed with fans. Many families travel to the most populous city in the United States to celebrate Christmas. And what could be better than attending a Knicks game to spend the perfect holiday season? Difficult to answer this question, so much the fact of going to such a show is legendary! Everyone has in mind the exploits of Michael Jordan during the 1990s. The stars of the NBA have a habit of sublimating themselves in Madison Square Garden. By their own admission, the stars particularly want to shine in front of the New York public. Such a match in this mythical arena is a special event whose date is checked in their calendar.

The Christmas NBA games in New York always offer enticing posters. In 2022, the Philadelphia Sixers traveled to Madison Square Garden on December 25. They won there with 35 points from Joel Embiid. Author of 29 points and 13 assists, James Harden also enjoyed. In 2023, fans will certainly have the right to another prestigious duel. However, we will have to wait until August to know the opponent.

From December 23 to January 1, demand is always at its peak to attend an NBA game in New York. This is why the prices charged by ticket sales platforms are very high. In the event that the Knicks are sold out, you can always turn to the Nets. And vice versa. The proposed show is similar. However, the arena and the teams are different. Also, it is true that the New York Knicks have a much larger fan base and history than the Brooklyn team. It’s up to you to see what your preference is… And if you have the opportunity to attend a match between the two teams, we clearly recommend this option.

Frequently asked questions about NBA games in New York

For people for whom this is their first NBA game in New York, it is normal to ask a lot of questions. As an expert on American basketball, we will answer it.

How to get to Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center?

The arenas where NBA games are played in New York are very well served by public transport. Madison Square Garden, home of the Knicks, is located near subway lines. For its part, the auditorium hosting Nets games is accessible from lines 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q or R. Of course, it is also possible to go to an NBA game in New York by taxi. If you want to get there on foot, we advise you to book a hotel in the area.

How is an NBA game in New York?

For all NBA championship games, teams arrive on the field approximately 20 minutes before kickoff. The players warm up collectively based on shots and dunks. It is also an opportunity for some to stretch. Especially the stars. Everyone has their little rituals. A few minutes from the in-between, it’s time for the national anthem. Then, in the process, the presentation of the five major teams. The match can then begin on the central circle.

The first quarter is usually a warm-up for the players. Especially if one of the two teams has already played the day before. Then, the second act sometimes makes it possible to truly identify a first trend on the scoreboard. When you return from the locker room, it’s the moment when everything will be decided! We sometimes witness incredible scenarios, unprecedented reversals of situations. This is the beauty of sport! The last minutes of an NBA game in New York are sometimes very attached to the score. The suspense is then at its height. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, an extension of 5 minutes is played. Otherwise, the team with the most points wins.

At the end of an NBA game in New York, spectators are asked to leave their seats. Most food stalls close their kitchens in the fourth quarter. If you want to extend the experience in the room, go to the team shop.

How long is an NBA game in New York?

The overall duration of an NBA game in New York is approximately 2h15. NBA games are broken down into four periods of 12 minutes of effective playing time. Which is actually about 25 to 30 minutes… You have to take time-outs, free throws and other stoppages into account. But also when the referees want to review an action on video to make a decision. The overall duration of an NBA game also includes halftime. This lasts 15 minutes. If you wish to attend the pre-match warm-up and presentation, allow an additional 30 minutes.

What to do at halftime of an NBA game in New York?

Many activities are popular at halftime of an NBA game in New York. You can take advantage of this time to go to the toilet and have something to eat. Or go to the club shop! However, we advise you to leave your seat one or two minutes before the end of the second quarter. And to avoid traffic jams. Indeed, the majority of the public will get up at the same time at the break. You can also stay in the stands at halftime of an NBA game in New York. Animations are always planned on the ground during the breaks.

Is it possible to take a photo with an NBA player or ask for an autograph?

NBA basketball players are in high demand, especially in a city like New York. On their own, they may decide to sign some autographs. They also sometimes agree to take a selfie or two with fans. But this is by no means an obligation for NBA players. This kind of interaction is not automatic. When they take place, these special moments take place near the tunnel, on the way to the changing rooms. And this, just after their individual warm-up or at the end of the match. Do not attempt to approach your idol or any other NBA player without consent. You could have a very bad time and even potentially be kicked out of the room. Security members are ubiquitous at NBA games in New York. No one approaches players the way they want.
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