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Here's all the information you need to buy your Washington Wizards tickets at the best price for a home game.
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The Washington Wizards are an NBA franchise based in Maryland. The franchise is in the midst of a major rebuild.

Where to buy Washington Wizards tickets?

The platform of choice for acquiring your Washington Wizards tickets is HelloTickets. Renowned for its reliability as an NBA ticket reseller, this platform ensures secure transactions to buy your tickets with complete peace of mind. One of its major assets is the option of payment in most local currencies, which means that international fans, particularly those living in Europe, can avoid exchange fees. HelloTickets also boasts fast, competent customer service, ready to guide you through the entire purchasing process. Of course, if you prefer to buy in person, the Capital One Arena box office is open on match days, but it’s not uncommon for tickets to sell out or be sold at a higher price than on the web.

If you’d like to reserve a parking space in addition to your Washington Wizards tickets, Viagogo is the platform for you.

Washington Wizards ticket prices

The price range for tickets to a Washington Wizards home game is wide and varied. In fact, the cost of the same seat can fluctuate depending on the attractiveness of the match. It’s also worth bearing in mind that prices differ significantly between a front-row seat and a seat in the arena’s high bleachers.

Courtside tickets

For courtside seats, the most expensive at any NBA game, it’s worth noting that the rows directly behind the sidelines are the most sought-after and, consequently, the most expensive. The seats behind the baskets are also very popular, although slightly more affordable in terms of cost.

Because of the high demand for these prime seats, their availability is often limited. The principle is simple: first come, first served. So it’s advisable to book early. As for pricing, expect to pay between 1,200 and 5,000 dollars for a front-row ticket to a Washington Wizards home game.

Lower section tickets

Ideal for tourists and basketball aficionados keen to get the full NBA experience, lower section tickets offer an excellent view of the court. Seated in sections 100 to 121, you’ll enjoy appreciable proximity to the action on the floor. For those who can’t afford an unforgettable evening on the courtside, these seats still give you the opportunity to savor the technical and athletic prowess of NBA stars. Which is not necessarily the case if you opt for higher seats…

In Washington, prices for these tickets start at around 50 dollars. For this amount, you’ll typically get a seat near the basket. If you’re interested in a more central view, be prepared to spend between 200 and 430 dollars per ticket.

Middle section tickets

For those on a tighter budget for their NBA trip to Washington, mid-section tickets represent an interesting alternative. They’re more affordable than downstairs seats, while offering a better perspective of the game than upper-section seats. If you’re a moderate fan of US basketball, a seat in sections 200 to 229 should more than satisfy your expectations.

Most tickets for the Washington Wizards in the middle section sell for between 80 and 120 dollars. Note that these prices can increase for games against legendary franchises.

Upper section tickets

Upper section tickets are often the last to find takers among NBA fans. Indeed, from sections 400 to 433, don’t expect detailed visibility of the game. Players will be more easily identifiable on the big screens than on the court itself. Not the ideal option for those who really want to appreciate the level of play. However, if you’re a basketball novice or your aim is simply to sample the atmosphere of an NBA game in the USA, this type of seat could be adequate.

In terms of cost, upper section tickets are generally the most economical for a Washington Wizards game. With budgets starting at around 20 dollars for the less popular clashes, these tickets are quite affordable.

The evolution of average Washington Wizards ticket prices over the years

In the NBA landscape, each franchise sets its own rates for ticket sales, resulting in a diversity of prices between different teams. The mechanism of supply and demand is often used to define these prices. The more enthusiastic fans are for a given match, the more the cost of tickets soars. The appeal of each match can vary. Clashes between rival teams, or against the current NBA champions, will captivate the public more than a duel between two teams at the bottom of the standings. As a team’s sporting form varies from season to season, ticket prices for most teams fluctuate considerably. With the exception of iconic franchises.

In the case of the Washington Wizards, the lowest average price for a game ticket was recorded during the 2016-2017 season, standing at 159 dollars. The 2023-2024 season, meanwhile, holds the record for the most expensive average ticket, set at 205 dollars for a home game. This inflation is not negligible, with analysts reporting an increase of 8-10%. Over the past few seasons, the average cost of an NBA ticket in Washington has been between 165 and 174 dollars.

FAQ about buying Washington Wizards tickets

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about buying Washington Wizards tickets.

Discounted Washington Wizards tickets are often reserved for students, military personnel and senior citizens. Group rates are also available for groups of 20 or more.

All Washington Wizards tickets are distributed in electronic format. For security reasons, they will be emailed to you just a few days before the event. You can then print them out or have them scanned from your cell phone at the entrance to Capital One Arena.

Refund and exchange conditions depend on the retailer. Please consult the specific rules of the supplier from whom you made your purchase. If you change your mind, it is also possible to resell your Washington Wizards tickets.

If you have a problem with your e-ticket, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department of the platform where you purchased it. They will be able to assist you and, if necessary, provide you with a new ticket.

Children under two generally have free access to the arena, provided they are seated on an adult’s lap. This policy may vary, however, depending on the NBA arena. It is therefore advisable to check the specific guidelines of Capital One Arena before visiting.

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