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Here's all the information you need to buy your Indiana Pacers tickets at the best price for a home game.
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The Indiana Pacers are an Indiana-based NBA franchise. Tyrese Haliburton is the team’s All-Star. A playoff berth will be the Pacers’ goal in 2024.

Where to buy Indiana Pacers tickets?

If you’re looking for tickets to see the Indiana Pacers in action, the HelloTickets platform is your best ally. Renowned for its reliability in reselling NBA tickets, it ensures risk-free transactions for a worry-free purchase. The big plus is the option to pay in your local currency. HelloTickets also offers efficient, responsive customer service, ready to support you every step of the way. Alternatively, you can opt for direct purchase at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse counter on match day. However, there is a risk that tickets will be sold out or offered at a higher price.

If you’d like to reserve a parking space in addition to your Indiana Pacers tickets, Viagogo is the platform to do just that.

Indiana Pacers ticket prices

The range of ticket prices available for Indiana Pacers home games is quite wide, and varies notably according to the opponents. It’s also worth noting that a courtside seat will not cost the same as a seat in the arena’s upper bleachers. Here’s a look at the different price ranges for a Pacers game.

Courtside tickets

For an NBA game, the most prestigious seats are the courtside ones. In particular, the rows directly behind the sideline are the most expensive and sought-after. The seats behind the baskets are also highly sought-after, if slightly more affordable.

Because of the high demand for these courtside seats, their availability can be limited. So it’s a question of speed; those quickest to reserve will be lucky enough to get in. As for pricing, expect to pay between 600 and 2,500 dollars for such a ticket at an Indiana Pacers home game.

Tickets in the lower section

For basketball aficionados or tourists looking for the full NBA experience, lower section tickets are a must. From any seat in sections 1 to 20, the view of the game is exceptional. You’re at an ideal distance to enjoy the performance of NBA athletes. If courtside seats are out of your financial reach, these tickets nonetheless offer you an excellent alternative for observing the talent and technique of the players. Higher seats won’t offer you the same quality of vision.

In Indianapolis, tickets start at around 60 dollars, generally for a seat behind the baskets. For a more center-court-centric view, expect to spend between 220 and 350 dollars per head.

Mid-section tickets

If your NBA trip to Indianapolis has to stick to a tighter budget, mid-section tickets are a good middle ground. You’ll pay less than in the lower section while enjoying a clearer perspective than from the upper section. If American basketball isn’t your ultimate passion, a seat in sections 101 to 120 should be enough to guarantee you a pleasant time.

Tickets for the Indiana Pacers in the middle section generally range from 100 to 230 dollars. However, this rate may increase in the event of matches against big-name franchises.

Upper section tickets

Upper-section seats are often the least coveted by die-hard NBA fans, due to a less detailed view of the game. From sections 201 to 232, don’t rely too much on close observation of the players’ technical skills. Instead, follow the game on the stadium’s giant screens. Nevertheless, if your aim is simply to sample the atmosphere of an NBA game on American soil, these seats may well do the trick.

As with most NBA arenas, upper-section tickets are the most economical option for an Indiana Pacers game. For less high-profile matches, prices often start at around 25 dollars. However, when big franchises like the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers come to town, don’t be surprised if the cost of the most affordable seats climbs to 70 dollars and more.

The evolution of average Indiana Pacers ticket prices over the years

In the NBA, ticket pricing is at the discretion of each individual franchise. Costs, therefore, fluctuate from team to team. Pricing is frequently guided by the principles of supply and demand. The greater the demand for a match, the higher the ticket price. This demand can vary considerably depending on the appeal of the match in question. For example, confrontations between two rivals or against the current NBA champion team will not generate the same interest as matches between teams at the bottom of the standings. As the competitiveness of an NBA team can change from season to season, ticket prices can vary significantly in most markets. This does not apply to legendary franchises such as the Lakers, Knicks or Celtics. Whatever their sporting performance, these teams always manage to draw the crowds.

As far as the Indiana Pacers are concerned, the lowest average cost for a match ticket was recorded during the 2016-2017 season, with a tariff set at 87 dollars. The highest average price, on the other hand, corresponds to the 2023-2024 season, when you’ll have to fork out an average of 115 dollars for a Pacers home game. The inflationary phenomenon is very real, as indicated by an 8-10% increase in prices noted by economic analysts. In recent seasons, the average cost of an NBA ticket in Indianapolis hovered between 92 and 101 dollars.

FAQ about buying Indiana Pacers tickets

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about buying Indiana Pacers tickets.

Promotions and discounts on Indiana Pacers tickets are frequently offered for students, members of the armed forces and senior citizens. Group rates are also available for groups of 20 or more.

All tickets for Indiana Pacers matches are issued in electronic form. For security reasons, these e-tickets will be sent to you by e-mail a few days before the match. You can either print out your e-ticket or have it scanned onto your phone at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse entrance.

Refund or exchange conditions vary by retailer. Be sure to check the specific terms with the supplier from whom you made your purchase. If you change your mind and no longer wish to attend the match, you can also resell your Indiana Pacers tickets.

If you encounter a problem with your e-ticket, the ticket supplier’s customer service department is your first point of contact for resolving the problem or obtaining a replacement ticket.

Children under two are generally admitted free of charge, provided they sit on an adult’s lap. However, this policy may vary between NBA arenas. It is therefore advisable to check Gainbridge Fieldhouse’s specific guidelines before heading there for a game.

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