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Here's all the information you need to buy your Chicago Bulls tickets at the best price for a home game.
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The Chicago Bulls are a legendary NBA franchise based in Illinois. DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine are the team’s two main stars. Both play the 2/3 position. After failing to make the playoffs last season, the Bulls will approach the 2023-2024 season with the ambition to restore their reputation.

Where to buy Chicago Bulls tickets?

Your best choice for purchasing Chicago Bulls tickets remains HelloTickets. This platform has a proven track record as a trusted NBA ticket reseller. It ensures fully secure transactions, giving you peace of mind when purchasing. One of its big advantages is the option of paying in Euros, eliminating conversion fees for fans residing outside the US. HelloTickets also offers efficient and responsive customer support, accompanying you every step of the way. You can also opt to buy your tickets directly at the United Center on the day of the match. But be aware that tickets may be sold out or more expensive than online.

If you’d like to reserve a parking space in addition to your Chicago Bulls tickets, Viagogo is the platform that offers you this possibility.

Chicago Bulls ticket prices

There’s no one price for Chicago Bulls home game tickets; in fact, the cost of a seat can fluctuate depending on the importance of the game. What’s more, seats on the floor are naturally more expensive than those in the upper levels of the arena. Here’s a price scale for a typical Chicago Bulls game.

Courtside tickets

The most expensive seats for any NBA game are on the courtside. The front rows directly behind the sideline are the most popular and, consequently, the most expensive. The seats behind the baskets are also highly sought-after, though slightly more affordable.

Due to the high demand for courtside seats, there is no guarantee that these seats will always be available. The first to act are the first to benefit, so early booking is recommended. For this type of seat at a Chicago Bulls home game, expect to spend between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars per ticket.

Lower section tickets

Ideal for basketball fans or visitors wanting an immersive NBA experience, these tickets offer excellent visibility from any seat in sections 101 to 122. You’ll be right next to the floor. For aficionados who can’t afford courtside seats, these low-profile seats provide a unique opportunity to judge the technical and athletic talents of NBA players. Higher seats may not offer the same quality of view.

In the Windy City, prices for these prime seats start at around 160 dollars, often for a seat behind the basket. For a more central perspective, you’ll need to invest between 250 and 1,000 dollars per ticket.

Middle section tickets

If your NBA trip to Chicago is subject to a more modest budget, opting for mid-section seats may be a sensible alternative. The cost will be lower than for seats closer to the court, while offering better visibility than the high section. This is a sufficient choice if you’re an occasional spectator of American basketball.

Most tickets for the Chicago Bulls in the middle section sell for between 180 and 400 dollars. Note that these prices are likely to rise during games against exceptional franchises.

Tickets in the high section

These seats are often the least popular with die-hard NBA fans, and for good reason: the view of the game here is less precise. From sections 301 to 334, don’t count on a detailed view of technical feats. You’re more likely to recognize players on the big screens than on the court. So it’s not the best option for enjoying the show to the full. However, if your aim is simply to capture the atmosphere of an NBA game on American soil, these seats may be sufficient.

In virtually all NBA arenas, upper section seats offer the most economical option for seeing a Chicago Bulls game. In terms of budget, you can usually afford a ticket for less than 100 dollars. Prices start at around 70 dollars for less popular games.

The evolution of average Chicago Bulls ticket prices over the years

In the NBA world, each sports team has the latitude to set its own ticket prices, leading to disparities in costs depending on the franchise. The logic of supply and demand is frequently employed to define these prices. In other words, a strong influx of fans seeking to attend a match propels ticket costs upwards. It should be noted that this demand fluctuates according to the match-ups scheduled; an age-old rivalry or the hosting of the recent NBA champions will be far more captivating than a game between two teams at the bottom of the standings. Because the competitiveness of an NBA team can vary from season to season, there are significant price variations between cities, except for iconic franchises such as the Lakers, Knicks or Celtics. The latter always sell out, regardless of their sporting record.

As far as the Chicago Bulls are concerned, the most affordable average price for a match ticket dates back to the 2018-2019 season, with a cost of 215 dollars. Conversely, the 2023-2024 season holds the record for the most expensive average ticket, at 290 dollars for a seat at a Mavs home game. Inflation is not to be overlooked; indeed, economists have spotted an increase in ticket prices ranging from 7% to 11%. In recent years, the average price of an NBA ticket in Chicago has ranged from 252 to 277 dollars.

FAQ about buying Chicago Bulls tickets

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about buying Chicago Bulls tickets.

Promotional offers and discounts on Chicago Bulls tickets are frequently available for students, military personnel and senior citizens. Groups of more than 20 people can also benefit from preferential rates.

All Chicago Bulls tickets are sent in electronic format. You will receive these e-tickets in your mailbox a few days before the match for security reasons. You can either print out your e-ticket or have it scanned from your smartphone at the United Center entrance.

Refunds and exchanges are determined by the point of sale. Be sure to consult the specific rules of the seller you are purchasing from. If you change your mind, you can also resell your Chicago Bulls tickets.

If you encounter any difficulties with your e-ticket, the ticket supplier’s customer service department will be able to help you resolve the situation or provide you with a replacement ticket.

Generally, children under the age of two can be admitted free of charge, provided they remain on an adult’s lap. However, this policy may vary from one NBA arena to another. It is therefore advisable to check the guidelines specific to the United Center before going there for a game.

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