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NBA playoffs tickets
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Everything you need to know about NBA playoffs tickets

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The NBA playoffs are one of the most anticipated sporting events each year in the United States. It is from this moment that the serious things begin in the quest for the title of NBA champion. In each series, the first team to win four games advances to the next round. His opponent is eliminated. This competition format is very enticing. It sometimes gives rise to exploits. It is rarely the team with the best record at the end of the regular season that lifts the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end.

NBA playoff game schedule

The NBA playoff schedule is never known far in advance. All matches being televised, they overlap in the same day in terms of schedules. So no two games are played at the same time. Once all the posters are known for a playoff round, the NBA establishes a schedule and schedules the dates and times of the games. Generally speaking, teams usually play every two or three days.

NBA ticket prices during the playoffs

The price of tickets explodes for the NBA playoffs. The further we advance in the playoffs and we get closer to the finals, the higher the pricing. During the first round, it takes at least several hundred dollars to have a seat with a decent view. And this, in the majority of the rooms. For the semi-finals and then the conference finals, the prices increase further. They can easily double or even triple! NBA ticket prices skyrocket during the Grand Finals. The clash between each of the winning teams in each conference draws crowds. Everyone wants to attend this duel. Due to the law of supply and demand, accessibility is limited. It requires significant financial resources. Indeed, it is necessary to spend on average several thousand dollars to obtain a well-placed ticket during the NBA Finals.

NBA Playoffs Tickets in New York

The Knicks and Nets are both qualified for the NBA playoffs. The New York public is therefore very spoiled! Even though neither team has home advantage, their chances of advancing to the next round are real. This especially concerns the Knicks, who will be able to offer more resistance to their opponents. For the first round of the 2023 playoffs, pricing starts at $50 for a Nets home game and $300 for a Knicks game.

Unlike the Nets, the New York Knicks advanced to the conference semifinals. They will face the Miami Heat! For this series, tickets start at $400! It will therefore be necessary to seriously put your hand in your pocket to afford a seat in Madison Square Garden. If you have the financial means, the experience is clearly worth the cost! This mythical arena will be filled to the brim.

NBA Playoffs Tickets in Philadelphia

Located just 2 hours from New York by ground transportation, Philadelphia is a popular destination for the NBA playoffs. The Sixers have hopes of qualifying for the conference final, or even for the NBA final! If you are planning a trip to the East Coast of the United States in April or May, a stopover in Philadelphia is highly recommended. NBA ticket prices for a playoff game in Philadelphia start at $60 for a first-round poster.

After sweeping the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston Celtics await them in the semi-finals. The price of tickets will inevitably be more expensive for this series which promises to be long and epic!

NBA Playoffs Tickets in Boston

A historic NBA franchise, the Boston Celtics have millions of fans around the world. At each home game, the locals can count on the support of a full house. The strong competitiveness of the team is a major asset for having a good time. Located just 7h30 flight from Paris, Boston welcomes many international supporters to the TD Garden. To afford an NBA playoff game in Boston, it will cost you at least $100 in the first round. This rate should be much higher for the reception of the Sixers during the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

NBA Playoffs Tickets in Los Angeles

The two Los Angeles NBA teams are qualified for the 2023 playoffs. This is therefore an opportunity to witness a double dose of very, very high level basketball. But also to see in the flesh stars in shambles. Beyond the people personalities in the stands, LeBron James, Anthony Davis or even Kawhi Leonard should shine on the floor. The experience of an NBA playoff game in Los Angeles is worth the detour! And this, despite the rather high prices. Ticketing for a Lakers home game starts at $200. For Clippers, the rates charged are a little lower. The cheapest ticket is sold at around 60 dollars.

NBA Playoffs Tickets in San Francisco

The reigning NBA champions will defend their trophy without having home advantage. The atmosphere for Golden State Warriors home games is likely to be totally bonkers. Indeed, the locals will not have the right to make mistakes if they want to have a chance to find the Finals. Due to the high cost of living in California, especially in San Francisco, ticket prices are also high. Count 250 dollars minimum to attend a Warriors home game during the 2023 NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs Tickets in Miami

A popular tourist destination for many French speakers, Miami will host at least four NBA playoff games in 2023. The Heat challenged the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round. They weren’t starting favorites but they managed the feat of eliminating the regular season leader in their conference. To cheer on the Heat in their arena, $70 per person was the minimum budget for a first-round game. It will take at least 20 dollars more for the reception of the New York Knicks in the semifinals.

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