Tidjane Salaun’s Family

Discover the members of Tidjane Salaun's family. Here is information about his parents and his sister Janelle.
Tidjane Salaun family
Tidjane Salaun's family. (© Alan Le Bolloch)

Tidjane Salaun is a promising young French basketball player. He is expected to join the NBA for the 2024-2025 season. Here is an overview of Tidjane Salaun’s family.

Parents of Tidjane Salaun

Tidjane Salaun’s parents both have a basketball background. However, they never forced Tidjane to pursue the sport. Let’s discover who Tidjane Salaun’s father and mother are, their stories, names, and origins.

Pierre-Olivier Salaun: Tidjane’s Father

Pierre-Olivier Salaun is Tidjane’s father. He is passionate about basketball. Like many parents, he has had a significant influence on his son’s athletic development. Pierre-Olivier instilled values of discipline and determination essential for Tidjane’s progression. Today, he never misses a game of his two children.

Inna Sissoko: Tidjane Salaun’s Mother

Inna Sissoko is Tidjane Salaun’s mother. A former national-level basketball player, she passed her passion for the sport to her children. She enrolled Tidjane in the Orly basketball club at age 8. Inna played a vital role in supporting Tidjane and his sister Janelle in their sports careers. When they were younger, she often organized training sessions for them. Inna attends every international competition to support her children. Tidjane makes his mother proud. “I feel like he reaches people. In Patras, Greece, at the NGT tournament, all the players were around him for a photo. At the EuroU18 in Serbia this summer, it was exactly the same,” she once told the newspaper Ouest-France.

Tidjane Salaun’s Family: Who is His Sister?

Tidjane Salaun is not an only child. He is the second child of Pierre-Olivier Salaun and Inna Sissoko. Here is more information about Tidjane Salaun’s older sister.

Janelle Salaun

Janelle Salaun is Tidjane’s older sister. She is also a professional and international French basketball player. In 2024, she won the French LFB championship with Villeneuve d’Ascq. Janelle was a starter for France in the 2023 Women’s EuroBasket and is expected to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics. She attributes much of her success to the competition and support she shared with Tidjane during their youth.

Janelle Salaun has been invited several times to media outlets to discuss her younger brother. In 2024, she noted that Tidjane has yet to develop solid game-reading skills. However, she mentioned that he compensates with a strong presence near the basket due to his wingspan and ability to attack the rim. She admires his fearlessness and ability to take responsibility on the court. She also noted that he could benefit from better control and deeper thinking in his game.

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