Nolan Traore

Nolan Traore

Nolan Traore is a french NBA prospect. Discover everything about him, including his height, family, jersey, shoes and salary.
Nolan Traoré - NBA Prospect
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Biography of Nolan Traore

Nolan Traore is a French basketball player who plays point guard at Pôle France. He was born on May 28, 2006 in Créteil, France. His height is 1m93.


Nolan Traore grew up in Ile-de-France throughout his childhood and adolescence. He comes from a sporting family, with a focus on basketball. His older brother, Armel Traore, is a professional basketball player at Blois. His younger sister, Annaëlle, plays at the Pôle Ile-de-France.

Successive teams

Nolan Traore began playing basketball at the age of 5. He joined the Saint Charles Basket club at U12 level. At the same time, he joined the Pôle Espoirs Ile-de-France basketball academy. After flying to the top of the French U15 Elite championship, Nolan joined the Pôle France in 2021.

Nolan Traore’s experiences with the French national team

Nolan Traore played in the European U16 Championship in summer 2022. He was the Bleuets’ leader during this competition. Then, in 2023, he was selected to take part in the EuroBasket U18. During this international tournament, Nolan showed some very interesting things against players who were mostly 1 year older.

Style of play

Nolan Traore excels as a ball carrier. He demonstrates his talent both offensively and defensively. With a quick first step, he attacks the basket efficiently. As with any young player, there is still room for improvement in his long-range shooting. Nolan loves pick-and-roll. His physical progress enables him to resist shocks and exploit his athletic qualities. Many experts compare Nolan Traore to Tony Parker.

Nolan Traoré - NBA Indianapolis

Nolan Traore’s salary

As a player for the Pôle France, Nolan Traore receives no remuneration. Nevertheless, he will be in a position to sign his first professional contract in the summer of 2024. His high potential will undoubtedly enable him to earn several tens of thousands of euros before becoming a millionaire in the event of a guaranteed NBA contract.

Highlights of Nolan Traore

Here are Nolan Traore’s best plays at the European U18 Championship.