Nathan Soliman

Nathan Soliman

Nathan Soliman is a french NBA prospect. Discover everything about him, including his height, family, jersey, shoes and salary.
Nathan Soliman
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Biography of Nathan Soliman

Nathan Soliman is a French basketball player. He plays wing at the Pôle France. He was born on May 15, 2009 in Vichy, in the Allier department. His height is 2m03. He weighs 93 kilograms.

Parents and origins

Nathan Soliman is the son of Williams Soliman and Séverine Ricord Soliman. His father is a former professional basketball player and French international (13 caps for the French national team). He notably played for Roanne, where he played one season in the Euroleague. At 44, Nathan Soliman’s father still plays in the French league. He plays in the Nationale 3 (France’s fifth division) with Juvisy. Séverine, Nathan Soliman’s mother, has also played basketball.

“My father instilled in me the values that will enable me to succeed, like hard work, respect and punctuality. The same goes for my mother, who has always been there for me.” commented Nathan Soliman for the ANGT website.

Successive teams

The son of a professional basketball player, Nathan Soliman has been immersed in the world of basketball from an early age. Nevertheless, he only took up club basketball after trying out other sports. These included handball, swimming and tennis.

From the age of 8 to 12, he played for Rezé Basket 44. From 11 to 13, he was a member of the Pays de la Loire Pôle Espoirs. In his second year with the best talents in his region, he also wore the colors of Nantes Basket Hermine in the U15 Elite France. Then, in 2022, he joined the Pôle France two years early. This is a first in the history of French basketball in terms of precocity. Not even Tony Parker has achieved such a feat! Playing in both the U18 Elite and NM1 (France’s 3rd division), Nathan Soliman shows exceptional potential.

“At the end of my years at Insep, I may come back to Nantes, to Cholet. It’s a good training club for youngsters. What’s more, it would enable me to be closer to my friends. A lot of them live in Nantes and I’m very attached to them. Apart from signing for Cholet, I’m also thinking about Nanterre. Those are the two choices I’m thinking about the most” he indicated in September 2023 in an interview with Rezé Basket 44.

Nathan Soliman with the French national team

Nathan Soliman took part in the European U16 Championship in the summer of 2023. Despite being Les Bleuets’ youngest player, he came out on top. Nathan made a major contribution to the French team’s third-place finish. He averaged 8 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist in 20 minutes of playing time.

“My first experience with the French team was very rewarding. You have to be very demanding on the pitch, especially when it comes to detail. It requires a lot of attention and concentration. I’m really happy with the amount of playing time I’ve had. As a result, I was able to make the most of this incredible experience. The level of play was excellent,” he commented in a video interview with his former club in the suburbs of Nantes.

In 2024, Nathan Soliman should logically be selected for the French U18 team and be one of the leaders.

Nathan Soliman - Pôle France

Style of play

Like the great French NBA stars, Nathan Soliman is an exceptional basketball player. At the age of 14, he is performing well in the NM1 against seasoned adults. In addition to his outstanding offensive talent, he is capable of defending in all positions. Although his preferred position is wing, Nathan Soliman can play in all five positions. Defensively, he can match almost any opponent. And not just in his age category… but also at professional level, in the Nationale 1! His height and stature are a big help in this respect. His game intelligence and above-average physical measurements enable him to produce spectacular counter-attacks and interceptions on a regular basis.

The man whose ambition is to “play in the NBA and become the best basketball player on the planet” can do anything on a basketball court. Like a playmaker, he can elevate the ball and dribble behind his back. His shooting mechanics already enable him to be effective off the bench, particularly behind the three-point line. Very active, almost always on the move, Nathan is also present on the offensive rebound. His intensity, with and without ball in hand, is remarkable. He also excels in transition on counter-attacks. Like his compatriot Victor Wembanyama, Nathan Soliman possesses extraordinary motor skills for his size.

His altruism is also noteworthy. He doesn’t hesitate to pass the ball to an unmarked teammate, when he himself could score a basket thanks to his talent. In this respect, he’s a very good passer. His basketball IQ is highly developed. He never forces an attacking situation. His selection of mid- and long-range shots is impressive. What’s more, his volume of play is very interesting. He’s not afraid of contact in the rackets. Nathan is able to score even in the presence of defenders who hinder him and push him around.

Nathan Soliman’s salary

As a Pôle France player, Nathan Soliman receives no salary. He will start earning money from his basketball when he signs his first professional contract. In view of his performances and precociousness, many professional clubs around the world are already interested in his profile. If he joins the NBA, Nathan Soliman can expect to pocket an annual salary in the millions of dollars. He will be eligible to join the Big League in the 2029 NBA draft.

Photos Nathan Soliman

Here are a few images of basketball player Nathan Soliman at the ANGT tournament in Paris.

Nathan Soliman - stats
Nathan Soliman - NBA draft
Nathan Soliman - wingspan
Nathan Soliman - salary

Height of Nathan Soliman

Nathan Soliman was 2.03 meters tall at the age of 14 and a half. At 12, he peaked at 195 centimetres. His wingspan was also recorded at 2m10. These are measurements well above the average for a teenager.

Nathan Soliman’s track record

    • Bronze medal at the U16 European Championship in 2023
    • Elected to the ANGT Major Five in Paris in April 2024

Highlights of Nathan Soliman

Discover Nathan Soliman’s most memorable actions at the EuroBasket U16 in 2023.

Stats of Nathan Soliman

Nathan Soliman has shown a steady progression in his basketball performances. During the 2021-2022 season with Nantes Basket Hermine in the U15 Elite category, he recorded an impressive average of almost 19 points per game. The following year, 2022-2023, he took part in twenty games with Pôle France in the U18 category. Although his average dropped to an average of 5.4 points per game, it’s testament to his commitment to a more challenging competition.

For the 2023-2024 season, Nathan took part in two separate French championships. In the Nationale Masculine 1, he played around ten games, averaging almost 8 points. At the same time, as part of the U18 Elite team, he averaged over 16 points per game.

At the Adidas Next Generation tournament held in Paris in 2024, Nathan Soliman compiled statistics averaging 10.2 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1.2 steals and 1.2 steals against. And all this for a rating of 16 in 21 minutes of playing time!