Melvin Ajinça’s Family

Discover the members of Melvin Ajinça's family. Here is information about his parents and his cousin Alexis.
Melvin Ajinça family
Melvin Ajinça's family. (© Alan Le Bolloch)

Melvin Ajinça is a young French basketball player drafted into the NBA. Here are the details about Melvin Ajinça’s family.

Parents of Melvin Ajinça

Very little information is available about Melvin Ajinça’s parents. It is known that they are originally from Guadeloupe and live in the Paris region. In an interview, Melvin mentioned that he started playing basketball at the club in his parents’ hometown. It is believed that Melvin Ajinça’s parents encourage him in his basketball practice and in achieving his dreams. In his father’s family, one of his uncles’ sons has already had a great career at the highest level of basketball. This is Alexis Ajinça, who was crowned European champion with the French national team in 2013.

Other Family Members of Melvin Ajinça

Alexis Ajinça: Melvin’s Cousin

Alexis Ajinça, Melvin’s cousin, is a recognized former NBA player. Alexis had a notable professional career, playing seven seasons in the NBA, including four with the New Orleans Pelicans. His journey and advice have been a source of inspiration for Melvin. In an interview, Melvin stated, “I call him often. I ask him how his career went. He gives me advice. It’s always appreciated coming from a former NBA player. It helps me move forward.”

Melvin aspires to follow in the footsteps of his cousin Alexis while creating his own identity and making a name for himself in the basketball world. He expressed that playing in the NBA would be an achievement not only for him but also for his entire family. “If I were to have a better career than Alexis Ajinça, people will remember my first name,” he said, showing his determination to exceed expectations and leave his own mark in basketball history.

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