Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates is an American NBA player. Discover everything about him, including his size, family, jersey, shoes, and salary.
Emoni Bates
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Biography of Emoni Bates

Emoni Bates is an American basketball player playing wing in the NBA. He was born on January 28, 2004 in Ypsilanti, Michigan (USA). His height is 2m04. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Emoni Bates is the son of Elgin Bates, known as E. J., his father, coach and mentor. E. J. played college basketball at Kentucky Wesleyan, a Division II school, then pursued a five-year professional career in Europe. He returned to Ypsilanti, where he met Edith, his future wife and mother of his son. Since the age of three, E. J. has been training Emoni, teaching him the fundamentals of the game and helping to improve his skills. He also founded Bates Fundamentals, a basketball training organization that runs an AAU team for which Emoni played. E. J. even created Ypsi Prep Academy, a new school to give her son more exposure and competition. Edith Bates, his mother and biggest supporter, works as a logistics supervisor for UPS. She is also associated with the American Red Cross.

Successive teams

Here’s the evolution of Emoni Bates, from her beginnings to the present day.

High school career

Emoni Bates started at Lincoln High School, impressing in his first game with 32 points and 15 rebounds. He scored 43 points against Ypsilanti Community High School, his record at the time. After a one-game suspension, he led his team to the Southeastern Conference White division title. Bates concluded his freshman season by winning the MHSAA Division 1 state championship and was named Gatorade’s Michigan Player of the Year.

As a sophomore, after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Bates recorded new personal bests with 63 points and 21 rebounds against Chelsea High School. His season was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but he finished with an average of 32.3 points.
Before his third year, Bates transferred to Ypsi Prep Academy, where he faced Chet Holmgren in his first game. He finished the season with a 23-point average, reclassifying for the class of 2021. Considered one of the best players in his class, Bates committed to Michigan State before switching to Memphis. He finished his recruiting career ranked among the best by ESPN, Rivals, and 247Sports.


In Memphis, Emoni Bates debuted with 17 points. He was named AAC rookie of the week. After injuries and position changes, he finished the season averaging 9.7 points.

Bates transferred to Eastern Michigan, where he was suspended then reinstated after a court settlement. He scored 30 points against Michigan in his first game for Eastern Michigan. He finished the season averaging 19.2 points.

Professional career

Bates was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers and signed a two-ways contract. He splits his time between the Cavaliers and their G League affiliate team, the Cleveland Charge.

Game style

Emoni Bates is known for his offensive talent and scoring potential. He possesses a highly effective outside shot, capable of scoring from distance. Bates uses his length and agility to attack the basket successfully. His isolation game is remarkable, creating his own shot against any defender. He has good vision of the game, able to find open teammates. Bates is working on improving his off-ball game to become even more dangerous. Defensively, he shows signs of potential thanks to his wingspan. He is striving to gain physical strength to better withstand contact in the NBA. His ball handling and versatility enable him to play in several positions. Emoni Bates continues to develop his game to reach his full potential.

Emoni Bates in NBA 2K

Emoni Bates stands out in NBA 2K24 with an overall score of 69. This rating underlines his potential. His strong point is outside shooting. With a three-point shot rated at 80, Bates is a threat from distance. Especially if he has space to shoot. This ability makes him a player to watch, especially on the perimeter. His profile in NBA 2K24 indicates that he has specific assets to develop.

Emoni Bates NBA jersey (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Emoni Bates’ official NBA jersey is in stock on the NBA Store. It is available in three different colors.

Emoni Bates salary

In 2024, Emoni Bates earns $559,782 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.