Chet Holmgren

Chet Holmgren is an American NBA player. Discover everything about him, including his size, family, jersey, shoes, and salary.
Chet Holmgren

Biography of Chet Holmgren

Chet Holmgren is an American basketball player who plays in the NBA at the wing-forward position. He was born on May 1ᵉʳ, 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). His height is 2m16. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Chet Holmgren grew up playing basketball under his father, Dave Holmgren. The latter stands 2.13 m tall and played college basketball for the University of Minnesota from 1984 to 1988. At the age of 11-12, Holmgren began attending Minnehaha Academy, a private Christian school in Minneapolis. By this time, he was already 1.88 m tall.

Successive teams

Here’s Chet Holmgren’s evolution, from his early days to the present day.

High school career

Chet Holmgren began to distinguish himself as soon as he entered Minnehaha Academy. In his freshman year, he helped his team win the Class 2A state championship. In his second year, he averaged 18.6 points and 11 rebounds, leading his team to another title. His outstanding performance with the Grassroots Sizzle amateur team earns him recognition as one of the best players in his class. In his third year, he averaged 14.3 points, leading Minnehaha to a record of 25 wins to 3 losses. As a senior, he won a fourth state title and racked up accolades, including the title of Mr. Basketball USA.

University recruiting

Before his third year in high school, Chet Holmgren receives scholarship offers from nearly 30 universities. He finally commits to Gonzaga, choosing to follow his former teammate Jalen Suggs.

University career

In his Gonzaga debut, Holmgren impresses with 14 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. He finishes the regular season by being named West Coast Conference Defender of the Year. After a remarkable college season, he declares for the 2022 NBA draft.

Oklahoma City Thunder (2022-present)

Selected second by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Holmgren becomes the highest draft pick from Gonzaga. Following an injury, he misses the 2022-2023 season. He makes an impressive NBA debut, quickly setting a franchise record for most blocks in a game by a rookie.

National Team

Holmgren is representing the USA at the U19 World Basketball Championship in 2021. He played a key role in winning the gold medal, claiming the tournament MVP award.

Style of play

Chet Holmgren stands out for his uniqueness, combining size, agility and technique. His ability to protect the circle is exceptional, thanks to his timing on counters. Holmgren is also a competent outside shooter, rare for his size. He uses his length to finish at the basket and over defenders. His ball handling is impressive for a player of his stature, allowing him to create his own shot. In transition, he is able to lead the attack, demonstrating his leadership qualities. Holmgren is an astute passer, finding team-mates in favourable positions. He is working on gaining muscle mass to better withstand NBA contact. His perimeter defense is surprisingly good, capable of holding his own against smaller players. Chet Holmgren continues to develop his game, aiming to maximize his impact on both sides of the court.

Chet Holmgren - NBA

Chet Holmgren in NBA 2K

Chet Holmgren debuted with a score of 77 in NBA 2K23. This showed impressive potential right from the start. In NBA 2K24, his score rose to 86. This progression illustrates a rapid adaptation to the professional level. Holmgren confirms his status as a key player. His evolution in NBA 2K reflects his impact on the court.

Chet Holmgren NBA jersey (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Chet Holmgren’s official NBA jersey is in stock on the NBA Store. It is available in three different colors.

Chet Holmgren’s salary

In 2024, Chet Holmgren earns $10,386,000 with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In 2023, he earned $9,891,240. This is a notable increase in salary since his debut. His salary is set to rise to $10,880,640 in 2025. The progression continues until 2026-2027, when he could earn $17,919,435.

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