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What is the minimum size to dunk?

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To realize a dunk is every basketball player’s dream. Especially for younger ones, who grow up with the prowess of NBA stars. Unfortunately, most amateurs basketball players will never get there in their lifetime. Or at least, not on a basket tuned to official standards. For information, the circle is 10 foot elevate from the ground. To dunk, the person must have fingers higher to the ring. This means that with the ball in hand, the athlete must reach an altitude higher than the height of the basketball hoop. We can estimate it between 10 foot 3 and 10 foot 5. So, what is the minimum size to dunk?

Criterias to take into account to dunk

With all the elements mentioned above, we would tend to say that 5 foot 9 is the minimum size for basketball dunking. However, athletes with a smaller size have already managed to dunk. You are probably going to tell us: how is this possible? The length of the athlete’s arms and hands is another element to take into account. This is to determine the minimum jump height he must have to dunk. Also, you will certainly have understood another thing. These individuals have an exceptional vertical leap.

Exercises to increase vertical jump

Many physical exercises can develop your muscles and allow you to jump higher. Programs to increase vertical jump exist. They consist of jumps, squats, stretching, and strengthening the abdominal strap. To progress quickly, we can advise you to join the Zianimal Academy. It was founded by Kadour Ziani, one of the pioneers of the dunk in France. They give online courses for dunkers of every level. His ability to smash at over 40 years old impresses. Moreover, his experience and his advice will certainly be invaluable. Every year, Ziani goes to the NBA All-Star Weekend as a consultant. He advises professional dunkers to sublimate their art. To make a long story short, there is no better teacher to learn how to jump higher.

Alternatives to Minimum Dunking Size

For individuals which are unable to dunk on a classic basketball hoop, there are several solutions. Beyond working your vertical jump carefully, here are two options belonging to the fast lane.

Dunking with a trampoline is the first alternative. This gym accessory will propel you through the air. And this, up to several foot from the ground. So you can jump higher than Michael Jordan and the pro dunkers. Be careful though, this practice is not without risk. If you don’t control your jump, you could seriously get injured. Don’t try it if you are not in a secure environment, and not accompanied by an adult.

Lowering the basketball hoop is an effective second alternative when you don’t have the minimum height to dunk. Most of the best basketball hoops allow this. To dunk effectively, adjust the height of the hoop according to your size and athleticism abilities. It’s as simple as that! Before venturing into this practice, however, please make sure that the basket is strong enough to withstand your weight and the impact. Otherwise, a very bad surprise could happen to you.

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