Meet former pro basketball player Jared Newson, who became a sports performance coach

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The young and recent retiree of the professional basketball world overseas, Jared Newson (34 years old) lives a completely different daily life than during his career as an athlete since his definitive return to the United States and the birth of his first child. The former player of Bayer Leverkusen, Cairns Taipans, Polpak Swiecie, Brose Baskets, Joensuun Kataja, Dallas Mavericks, Hyeres-Toulon, Saint-Vallier, Orchies, Lorient and Evreux (among others) gives some news and talks about his reconversion.

After a six weeks contract with Evreux (France D2) last year, you decided to retired from pro basketball as a player. Did that decision was tough to take?
The decision to retire was a risk but it was not hard. I left the game with no injuries, and still being able to play at a high level. Choosing my daughter over basketball was an easy decision for me. I had already played for 13 years so it was not like I had to make this decision my rookie year.

Now, you are currently a basketball trainer. Did that job were something you had planned to do when you were still a pro athlete?
I am a sports performance coach and a basketball trainer. This was the job that I planned to have when I stopped playing. It’s been well. We are opening our 40,000 square foot gym in three weeks.

What kind of customers do you have?
I train tennis players, baseball, football, track, and of course basketball. I have athletes from ages 9 years old till 50 years old at the moment.

After approximately 8 or 9 months or activity, what lifestyle do you prefer? When you were a player or the new one?
Stopping basketball was tough for the first two months because playing and living a certain lifestyle was the only thing that I knew. But things started to work out and now I have made a lot of professional connections.

During the next few years, would you like to become a coach or an assistant coach in a pro team overseas or in a College team in USA for example?
I coached two second grade teams, a seventh grade team, and a ninth grade AAU team this summer. I think I will stay away from coaching at the moment and just focus on training athletes to become better and stronger players.

What are your projects for the futur? Do you plan to organize a camp in France and/or in the United States for players?
I do plan to have a camp in France next summer and I am currently apart of several camps around the United States. Also next summer I am planning to have a camp where pro players from France come and spend two or three weeks in Indiana and have a training camp.

During the latest years of your pro career as a basketball player, you were also a musical artist. Do you still have time to rap? If yes, is there a third album which could be scheduled?
I do not have time to do music at the moment. I don’t have much time for it now. Now it’s all about @Traincoachjared and sports performance.

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