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Martin Anderson (6’4 American combo guard) is taking his talents to Italy to finish up his second season as a professional, he has spent the past two years playing in Spain. In December Martin agreed to a deal in Singapore but due to sponsorship/financial reasons it fell through. He is very excited to arrive and meet his teammates, coaching staff, and the fans. His work ethic, drive, and determination are what continue to separate him from the rest and put himself in a position to succeed This is his second blog post on

“I am very blessed to have started my career in Spain, and i’m very thankful for the opportunities that I had while I was there. It is a great basketball country and I learned a lot about the game from every coach that I played for. I was in some great situations, and some that were not so great, but I take every loss as a lesson and I use it to better myself. Now it’s on to the next chapter of my career in Italy, i’m grateful for the opportunity and I will take full advantage of it. I want to thank Alan and for allowing me to share some of my story”.

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