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All to know about the LeBron 20 shoes

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The LeBron 20 pair of shoes is the twentieth signature model of the star LeBron James. To celebrate this anniversary with dignity, Nike has put the small dishes in the big ones. All of the latest Nike innovations are incorporated into this flagship model.

This pair of sneakers has all the ingredients to become a best seller.

Collectors who like to speculate would do best to keep one or more pairs of LeBron 20s under wraps. This model could indeed increase in value over time. Especially when the King will have retired as an NBA basketball player!

What does LeBron 20 look like?

The first images of the LeBron 20 have been released this summer. Here are the characteristics and the different colors known to date about this pair of shoes.

Characteristics of LeBron James shoes

Unlike most of the previous models, the LeBron 20 features a low profile upper. Playmakers and guards will enjoy! Generally speaking, all basketball players can wear this revolutionary pair. A double swosh figure on the outer side of the shoes. This is a rather original idea and rather very successful visually! Visually, the LeBron 20 is very well done. Its appearance gives style to the person who wears it.

LeBron 20: the different colors

So far, three different colors have been revealed. The first, all in pink, was worn by LeBron James himself at the Los Angeles Drew League. It caused a buzz on social media.

The other LeBron 20 colorways include a pair that’s nearly covered in black. To be eye catching it has a red sole.

Finally, the third LeBron 20 colorway features a mix of green, pink, orange, and blue. An explosive cocktail which makes this pair very flashy! Those LeBron 20 were seen at the feet of the sons of King James during the AXE Euro Tour.

LeBron 20: release date

The official release date of the LeBron 20 has been set for Thursday, September 29, 2022. The expectation of the King’s fans is real around this model.

The price of LeBron James shoes

The price of the LeBron 20 is a question that everyone has asked themselves for several weeks. Nike ended up communicating on the price of this LeBron James signature model. Thus, the LeBron 20 costs 200 euros when it comes out. It is quite expensive certainly, but quality and prestige have a price! If you do not have the financial means to afford such jewelry, you can always turn to another model in the Nike Basket-Ball collection. Or wait for a discount… You will have to wait until the 2023 summer sales to get a discount on this pair, which promises to be legendary.

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