Jeremi Booth : “I am very excited to be back in Constanta”

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Four years after his departure, the american swingman Jeremi Booth (6’5″, 29 years old) is back to Constanta, in Romania.

How are you?
I’m doing alright, just going through preseason workouts preparing for the season.

How did you get this new contract in Romania?
I have played here before in 2012-2013, and it so happened that one of my teammates at the time, ended up becoming the head coach of the club. So a deal fell in place prior to our relationship in the past. The team used to be Farul Constanta but now it is Baschet Club Athletic Constanta.

What is the team project?
The goal is to move the club back to the first division. When I was here the first time, we kept the team in the first division but something happened with the budget and the team fell off.

Are you excited about this come back?
Yes, I am very excited to be back. I thought I was coming back after my first season. I feel like my game has evolved and I am excited to showcase my talent.

This season, on your team roster, is there still some of the guys you played with few years ago during your first pro experience in Romania?
Yes, 2 guys…the rest of the players were juniors.

Did the club, people and facilities change a lot?
The club name, club colors, staff, and management have changed.

What about pre-season? How were the first weeks since your return?
Preseason has been really good so far. The workouts have been intense with new workouts and different techniques that I have never seen or tried.

When the championship will start?

What are the specificities of the Romanian championship?
There is a playoff system at the end of the season for the top teams from each region. I believe only two teams have a chance to move up to the first division.

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