Jasmine Parker “I am the proud owner of Hustle and Royalty”

Can you introduce yourself?
I’m Jasmine Parker and I’m passionate about the game of basketball, and Kobe Byrant is my favorite player of all time. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I am 25 years old, and I have been playing basketball for 20 years. I am the proud owner of Hustle and Royalty. I created Hustle and Royalty because I wanted to give back to the players coming behind me, especially the girls. Girls don’t have the same opportunities in sports that men have, and I created my brand so that I could start to change the trajectory of girls basketball. To this day, I am the girl that plays basketball with the guys, and I hold my own on the court. I want girls to see that we are equally great and that we have game, we just have to work hard, stay focused and committed, and trust the process. We can and will create change!


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Can you tell us more about your basketball career and services?
I fell in love with the game at the age of four, when I received my first basketballI, I remember going to bed every night and hugging my ball like it was a pillow. I officially started playing at the age of five, I joined a co-ed team at the YMCA in Detroit, I was one of three girls on the team. In elementary school, I was the only girl on an all boys team. I was so competitive and so great at the game that I didn’t have any competition. As a result, my mom allowed me to join an AAU team, and we traveled around the country competing with other talented players. AAU allowed me to play up in a different age bracket, which helped my game to grow and elevate. I attended Romulus Middle School where I was the basketball MVP, my team lost one game during my middle school days, and that was because I didn’t play. Hence, I moved on to Romulus High School where I continued to dominate the game of basketball. In my high school years I still traveled with my Adidas Top Ten AAU team. Consequently, I was offered many scholarships from various D1 schools around the country because of my skills. I accepted a scholarship to Western Michigan University. After playing a few years for various schools, I was offered a chance to attend an WNBA tryout with the Indiana Fever, which I enjoyed. I had the honor of meeting Pokey Chatman and Maggie Lucas. This journey has not been easy and it didn’t go as planned, but I wouldn’t change it for the world because I Love This Game and I’m still so very passionate about it.


“I want girls to see that we are equally great and that we have game” Jasmine Parker


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What kind of players do you train?
I train players who are committed and passionate about the game of basketball. They must be willing to work hard on and off court, and understand that discipline is required, and mindset plays a role in their success. Players that aren’t afraid, that can handle pressure or setbacks because challenges help them grow. More Importantly, I like to train the players that were counted out or not good enough to make the team. These players inspire me because I can create change by being the change for them.

Why athletes should choose to train with you over someone else?
Athletes should train with me because I can communicate and effectively train all different types of learners, and make them better. I am flexible in my approach, and I think creatively. I’m a trainer that works with boys and girls so I’m versatile. Also, I can see what a person’s skills are and what they require so I am able to adjust their training to meet their needs and give them better details breaking down the game of basketball.

What are your projects for the future? Would you like to become a coach or an assistant coach for a pro team overseas or for a College team in USA?
I am currently traveling to various states and conducting clinics to train boys and girls in the art of basketball. my goal is empower, encourage, and inspire them on their basketball journey. I explain to them the game and the expectation that comes with it, I want them to understand that in everything they do mindset and hard work is everything. Yes I would consider coaching for a pro team or college team in the USA I would be honored.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?
Basketball has always been my passion and no matter where I am in life, I am fully committed to the love of the game. I just started my own basketball brand “Hustle & Royalty” and I’m excited because it’s taking off. However, my ultimate goal is to own my own basketball training facilities around the world, an academy specifically for girls.


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Contact info

IG: @jphustle_royalty_ / @hustleroyalty_jp
Twitter: @RoyaltyHustle


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