Jarrel Lake : “Bounce back as strong as Paul George did”

Pro basketball player with the french and american nationality, Jarrel Lake is in a rehabilitation phase and hopes to return to the highest level in 2017.

3PTSHOT: Can you introduce yourself?
Jarrel Lake: Hi my name is jarrel lake, I grew in California. I’ve been in love with the game of basketball for a long time. I attend Westchester high school from 2001-2005 won state and city championship with peers such as Trevor ariza(rockets), Amir Johnson(Celtics), few more players who play a high level overseas.

3PTSHOT: How did you get the french citizen?
Jarrel Lake: My French citizenship comes from being born in Saint Martin on the French side,I also speak the language fluently. It’s Caribbean island governed by France.

3PTSHOT: Did you ever played in France? If no, would you like play there in the future ?
Jarrel Lake: Haven’t played in France I had a deal to go to Denmark few years back but I turnt it down taking bad advice, a mistake I will never make again. I played in Guadeloupe in 2014 it’s a island close to Saint Martin whom is also governed by france. It’s been a dream to play in France, I definitely feel like I belong out there

3PTSHOT: How can you describe your game ?
Jarrel Lake: My game is similar to a few players kawhi Leonard. I’m 6’8 play inside out I can dribble the ball well, great passer, shoot the ball very well. I’m extremely athletic. I defend and rebound we’ll leave everything on the hardwood every time I play. I’m a strong addition to any ball club you can place me at any position and I will excell.

3PTSHOT: You attended California State University. How was the journey ?
Jarrel Lake: I did attend cal state Fullerton after high school. It was cool experience I thought I would be able to have a similar career as bobby brown who also went to Westchester high with me. That wasn’t the case NBA scouts used to come check bobby out, I used to embarrassed so of the guys from juco or who had transferred in our drills, when I noticed the coaches doing that after red shirting. I decided to go to Xavier in New Orleans N.A.I.A school I was averaging 20 and 10 the first 12 pre-season games, I ended up tearing my achelis 10years ago in that last game. I was training and working with Brandon Bass at the time so was not happy about that. College was bitter sweet but I think I just didn’t pick the right school out of high school, was just trying play with my friend.

3PTSHOT: What about your basketball career after College ?
Jarrel Lake: After college I’m still inking out my career, don’t have a agent or to much guidance, turnt down Denmark deal, played extremely well in Guadeloupe. Almost went to the Dominican republic but the deal didn’t fall threw.

3PTSHOT: This season, you was supposed to play pro in Africa but you tore your Achilles. How your rehabilitation is going ? When will you be able to go back on the court ?
Jarrel Lake: After the summer I was suppose to be going to Senegal to play, but got injured the rehab is going well. I’m a slightly ahead of schedule. I will be back by February/ March.

3PTSHOT: What are your goals for the next seasons ?
Jarrel Lake: My goals for next season is to bounce back as strong as Paul George did. Keep chasing my dream, don’t let these injuries or any one detour me. Train hard and well, stay ready and put the work in. The things I’m going through are just testament to strengthening me.

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