Jahvari Josiah : “I played in the top league in Puerto Rico”

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3PTSHOT: Can you introduce yourself?
Jahvari Josiah: My name is Jahvari Josiah and I’m from Brooklyn New York, I’m 23 years old.

3PTSHOT: What about your basketball path?
Jahvari Josiah: I played in the best public high school league in queens (AA) got a recruited to play in Rochester New York at a junior college called Monroe Community College 2013-2014: Won the regular season Championship in the NJCAA. I was named the Region 3 All-Tournament Team after Averaging 17 Points and shooting 81 percent from the field (13 for 16) as M.C.C won the regional title. (Career high 25pts) also my team and I tied a school record for the most wins in the history of the school. During national I got injured and did my red shirt year at Coppin State University Which is a division 1 school 2014-2015:

I scored a high of 11pts in consecutive games against (university of Oregon, and Illinois university) to begin the season 9 points against Notre Dame. I grabbed a season high of 7 rebounds against Howard university. scoring 7 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in the MEAC Tournament victory of Bethune cookman university to advance to the next round in the tournament.

3PTSHOT: How was your first pro experience last season?
Jahvari Josiah: I played in the top league in Puerto Rico  (BSN League) the beginning of this where I was announced player of the game and had when I received an opportunity I took fully advantage of the moment and always stayed in the positive on the stat sheet. I recently this past September had a tryout for the Brooklyn nets D-league team and October 30th my name was entered in the 2016-2017 D-league draft. The general manager matt riccardi wants me to be a practice player for the Brooklyn nets until a spot is open up.

That proved that I can play in that league and others around the world. Growing up in brooklyn NY it’s rough and you have to be tough so I channel that same toughness into my game. I love to play defense and do all the lil things that makes a difference in a team because now and days any and everybody can score the ball but nobody wants to dive on a loose ball or wants to take a charge so things like that I love to do.

3PTSHOT: Did you ever won a slam dunk contest?
Jahvari Josiah: Have I ever won a dunk contest ? I haven’t won a dunk contest for a trophy or any organized event but in practice or back home I find people who tend to challenge my hops and I always end up winning at the end lol

3PTSHOT: What is your training program ?
Jahvari Josiah: My training program on the regular is waking up around 6am heading to a personal trainer (core fitness) that my trainer and good friend nick Friedmen introduced me to where we do cardio, weights and things to work on agility and explosiveness then do a recovery pool workout around the early afternoon following a break, then I would run to the gym which is a 2 mile distance and being to shoot an work on different ways areas to get a higher percentage way of scoring the ball. Some drills would be off the dribble other would be spot up and then free throws to finish out. Last but not least around 8:30pm I would workout with Jeremy Pargo with high level basketball drills and sometimes I have to sit back and watch him go a couple of times just to get the foot work and the three move combos correct. Which is great learning from a really talented guy who played at every high level all over the world.

3PTSHOT: What kind of opportunity are you looking for?
Jahvari Josiah: The opportunities that I am looking for is a chance to get over in Europe and being to make my mark and help a team win a championship, and use hat as a stepping stone to keep moving up into higher leagues and to continue to work hard and help a team win.

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