Jahii Carson : “My Pro career is just arriving”

The american point guard Jahii Carson (5’10, 24 years old) has recently signed a contract in Greece D1 with Koroivos Amaliadas.

After playing in Turkey and then in Serbia, you make your return to Europe. Are you happy?
Yes I’m happy returning to Europe to continue my basketball career. Some of the greatest players in the world play in Europe. I’m differently excited.

What do you know about your new team and also the greek championship?
I’m not extremely familiar about either. I’ve done some research though. I know that the Greek league is considered one of the top 5 basketball leagues in all of Europe. My team is a team who is looking to compete and win games at a high Level with great character guys so that’s always a plus.

Did you talked to the coach about your role or anything else?
I feel any team I play on I will have a strong role. I feel my presence on the court is strong in general. I’ll do whatever It takes to help my team win basketball games but I know I’m brought in to be me and play my game.

What do you expect about that experience in Greece? What will be your goals as a team and a player?
I expect Greece to be a great experience both on and off the court. I just want to continue to grow, explore and become a better basketball player. My goals are to win the championship, I’m a competitor, I always want to win. No matter who I’m playing against I’m in it to win. For myself individually I just want to continue to get better and work hard. I feel I have limitless pointless so I’ll tap into it.

What was your training program this summer?
My training program has remained the same for a couple years now. Track work, weight room, court work.

Last season, you played in Canada (NBL) with Island Storm. You reached semi-finalsduring playoffs and individually, you were named the best Newcomer of the Year with 20.7 points, 3.9 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 1.7 steal per game. Can we say that this experience was a total success?
I definitely feel my season in Canada was very successful. I needed that reassure people that I’m the same Jahii Carson from college and my Pro career is just arriving.

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