Ian Walcott “I have played in many countries thus far”

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Ian Walcott I’m 31 years young , from NYC, Born in Brooklyn but grew up in Queens.

When and how did you start playing basketball ?
I started playing basketball when I was 6 years old, growing up watching Michael Jordan play with my dad made me grow a love and passion for the game which I still have to this day! Wanting to be like Michael Jordan and other NBA players that I grew up watching made me work extremely hard to make my dreams of being a Professional basketball player comes true. In which I play Pro basketball overseas since 2014 and believing my best days are still ahead of me.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?
I played High school basketball at Newtown High school where Smush Parker who played for the LA lakers and Charlie Villanueva who played for Uconn and in the NBA went to as well. I played Varsity as a freshmen and did really well in High school on and off the court in the classroom. I then went on to college SUNY Cortland Where I also played at and did really well. Then after went to a few combines to show my skill to Pro coaches and scouts which after hard work and not giving up lead to me receiving contracts to play professionally.

How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?
To best describe my game, im a true point guard! I can score and facilitate to make my teammates better! I would rather have an assist and see my teammate score that makes me happy but when needed I can step up and take over games with my ability to score and push the ball in transition. I shoot the ball well and I’m great in Pick and roll and reading team defense and picking it a part.

Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball? If yes, can you describe your experiences ?
Yes I have traveled abroad I have played in many countries thus far, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Doninican Republic and Morocco so far… all my experiences were different there were things I liked about everywhere I played so far. Especially bonding with my teammates and building chemistry to go out and win games

What kind of opportunity are you looking for?
I’m hoping for a opportunity continue my career and show what I can do! My best days are ahead of me and I’m working hard daily, staying ready, and improving to take full advantage of my next contract opportunity.

What do you expect from your pro basketball career overseas?
I expect to be great at what I do and go beyond my full potential as a Pro basketball player on and off the court. Also for all those who get to see me play I hope I keep a place in they heart, Including fans, coaches, team owners and my teammates.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?
I want to thank 3ptshot.com for the Interview as well as the owner of the platform for bringing this together. I hope to make everyone proud of me God bless and Praise God.

Contact info

Email: Ian.walcott89@aol.com
WhatsApp: +1 9174468252
FB: Ian Walcott
IG: Skillzovapolitics

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