How to get a basketball contract overseas?

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If you are a free agent or a young basketball player who wants to achieve his goals playing pro ball overseas, this article below is for you. All around the world, coachs and managers are looking for foreign players to help their team win the championship. But everybody knows it, exposure is the key to get a good and serious contract overseas. Indeed, there are so many ballers and hoopers worldwide that the basketball players market is like a jungle.

Here are 6 tips to help you stand out and attract the attention of recruiters.

1. Create your highlights tape. That is the first thing to do if you hope to have a chance to play basketball overseas. Show your skills, offensively and defensively, your style of play, everything a coach will appreciate watching it. Publish the video on your YouTube channel and cross fingers to be recruited.

2. Subscribe our services. Publishing only your video on youtube will certainly not be enough to get contacts and a contract. A lot of overseas professional basketball coaches are consulting our website to discover new players, free agents and learn more about them. Based in Europe, we can provide a good exposure and a marketing boost to pro hoopers. That is a very little financial investment which can definitely change your life! Contact us for more informations. We will consider your request as soon as possible.

3. Promote yourself. Contact coaches and teams through their social medias accounts such as facebook, twitter or linkedin. General note : it will be definitively easier to attract their attention once you have subscribed to our services.

4. Register to a pro basketball exposure camp. There are so many events like that all over the United States and abroad. Sometimes, pro overseas coaches and scouts are attending the camp, so that could be interesting. A lot of organizers promise contracts but this is ultimately not always true. The entrance fees are frequently elevate (several hundred dollars), so be sure to have a reflexion about your level comparing the others players which will be there, and estimate your chances to distinguish yourself. Moreover, be involve on the court, not only scoring but also giving assists to your teammates, getting some rebounds, defending hard on your opponents. Most of the coaches love players with a great team spirit.

5. Hire a sports agent. Agents are supposed to have a solid professional basketball network to help you getting a contract, but most of them have so many players to take care of, sometimes they will not really pay attention to you. Be sure also that the agent you are talking with is certified by FIBA or another basketball organism. Don’t hesitate to check it on google or another search engine. There are so many dishonest persons on the internet…

6. Do not stop working and believe in your dreams. Keep grinding, play basketball and improve your game as often as possible. If you are serious, a hard worker and love the game every single day, your opportunity will happen one day for sure. God is big!

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