How to bet on the Euroleague?

In this article, we give you advice and tips for betting on the Euroleague. You will learn the errors to avoid.
Bet on the Euroleague

In this article, we provide you with tips and tricks for betting on the Euroleague. You are going to learn the mistakes to avoid. And thus understand how to optimize your gains by betting your money on this basketball competition.

Bet on the Euroleague regular season

The Euroleague is a particular competition. In addition to bringing together the best European clubs on the Continent, this league is played alongside the domestic championships. In 2023, the 15 clubs are dispatched in nine different countries: France, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Lithuania and Israel.

Each team plays 34 regular season games. These are in addition to the thirty or so scheduled meetings in the championship of their respective countries. For example, ASVEL and Monaco are involved in the French league. Every weekend, they have a game to play in Elite. And this, without counting the French Cup and the Leaders Cup. These meetings fit into an ultra-busy calendar including the national championship and the European Cup each week.

Schedule of Euroleague games

The games are mainly held on Thursday and Friday. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are added to certain weeks with two games. It is during these weeks with very close matches that the most surprises can occur. Teams link confrontations and can more easily fall into the trap set by the opposing team. Nobody is immune to suffering a mental and/or physical slack.

Multiplying high-level games and traveling makes them more vulnerable to injury or feeling tired. Athletes are still human beings, just like everyone else. It can happen that the machine is blocked and that the shots are out of adjustment. These are reasons why Euroleague teams have around 15 professional players in their roster.

Budgets that diverge

Budget inequalities and payroll reign between different teams. Taxes and taxes on professional basketball players are not identical depending on the country. Each state has its own rules at the fiscal level. The most efficient training are often the same. The favorites to win the Euroleague as well. This is one of the peculiarities of this European competition. Even if, every year, there are surprises …

At the top of the ranking, there are big sports organizations such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Olympiakos, Fenerbahce or Anadolu Efes Istanbul. Most of them are largely financed by the football club belonging to the same institution. To be performing in the Euroleague, a team must have an average of a budget over 15 million euros per season. Title contenders show between 30 and 45 million euros in budget.

A rate close to 75% home victories in 2021/2022

In general, the teams playing at home have the strongest probability of winning games. The advantage of the field is very important in the Euroleague. The locals can indeed count on the support of their fans. In addition to owning automatisms in their arena… All this without counting the fact that they do not have fatigue linked to the travel and possibly time difference, unlike their opponents. Even if the vast majority of the teams engaged in the Euroleague travel by private plane, spending time in transport don’t optimize recovery.

Beyond these aspects, like in any sports championship, the arrival of a new player and/or a new coach can literally change the face of a team. In difficulty at a time of the season, she can then start to win many games.

The long series of victories exist in Euroleague. Just as defeats that accumulate without the slightest success in a dark period. Nevertheless, please note that each series has an end. No team can win or lose all their games.

Bet on the playoffs and the Final Four

The format of Euroleague playoffs is atypical. The quarter-finals are competing for the best of five games. And this, taking into account the regular season ranking to determine the teams with the advantage of the field. This one disappears from the semi-finals of the Championship. Indeed, unless the host city of the Final Four is one of the four qualified teams, no one is playing at home from this competition stadium.

Often, it is a neutral city. And of which Arena is able to accommodate a good tens of thousands of fans. The host city of the Euroleague Final Four is determined at least a year before the next edition.

In addition, the semi-finals and the final are competing on a do or die game. The teams therefore have no right to make mistakes. One day of rest is left between these two decisive meetings. In addition, you should know that a game for third place is also played between the losers of the two semi-finals.

Among the important things to know about the Euroleague Final Four, there is the fact that the best team of the regular season rarely win the trophy at the end. The champion is very often an other team. Cards are redistributed from the semi-finals. Indeed, the results acquired in the season no longer count. Thus, the most experienced team has the most chance of winning the tournament. Having players used to those major events is of great help in this situation. A factor linked to luck and shooting address on D-Day is also taken into account. However, it is not always completely controllable.

Operators to bet on the Euroleague

In Europe, there are a multitude of operators to bet on the Euroleague. Some are even club partners. Like Olybet with the Zalgiris Kaunas. Or Bwin with Olympiakos.

We do not recommend any of them. They all offer welcome bonuses if you do not already have an account. Also, they generally practice ratings slightly different from each other. It’s up to you to see the operator(s) that suit you best.

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