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Our review on HelloTickets for buying NBA tickets online

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Since the global pandemic, it has been impossible to obtain NBA game tickets at the arena box office. The only remaining option is to buy your NBA tickets online. To do so, there are several American sites. However, you may not be fluent in English. Or, you do not trust a site located in a foreign country. Faced with all this, the simplest solution is to go to an NBA ticket office in French. HelloTickets is positioned as the No. 1 platform in Europe for the sale of NBA tickets. You can trust him with your eyes closed. This is the website we use when we want to buy a ticket for a show in the United States. Here is our opinion on HelloTickets for buying NBA tickets on the internet.

The advantages of HelloTickets: NBA ticket reviews

Going through the HelloTickets platform to buy NBA tickets has only advantages. Beyond saving time and money, customer support is available in your local language to answer all your questions. All your questions will not remain unanswered. If there is a problem, a solution will be found. HelloTickets is a reliable and serious platform. It quickly became essential on the European market. We have only rarely read a negative opinion on HelloTickets. Nearly 90% of customer reviews are positive reviews. Just go to TrustPilot to see it. 80% of users give HelloTickets a 5 star rating. In addition, 9% are satisfied up to 4 out of 5 stars!

Let’s continue our review of NBA tickets sold by HelloTickets. All prices are expressed in your local currency. This therefore saves you from paying additional bank charges for the conversion into dollars if you live outside the United States. However, you will not escape the traditional management fees. This is the only negative point regarding our review of HelloTickets. However, all NBA ticket sales platforms apply additional administrative fees. This is how they get paid. Depending on the ticket offices, these additional costs are more or less high. On HelloTickets, they are usually around 30% of the ticket price. It should be noted that competitors display lower management costs, but pass on the loss of earnings to the initial price of the ticket. Know that HelloTickets makes sure to always display competitive prices.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive your tickets electronically. And this, generally a few days before the date of the event. Through HelloTickets, NBA tickets are sent directly to your inbox. You will need to print out the match day tickets, or present them directly to your phone. You just have to follow the instructions that will be sent to you.

The most popular NBA teams on HelloTickets: our review

NBA game tickets from the following franchises are the most sold on HelloTickets: New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. The two New York teams are the most popular with French fans. New York is indeed a preferred destination for tourists. At each Knicks and Nets game, there are foreign supporters in the room. It’s the same for Los Angeles Lakers home games. There are slightly fewer foreign spectators in Miami and Boston throughout the season. Nevertheless, they exist.

NBA Tickets for the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks play in the mythical and magnificent Madison Square Garden. It is difficult to be more prestigious as a theater. Reputed to be basketball connoisseurs, the NY Knicks audience is also very international. Thousands of tourists go there on match days. Demand being very strong, the sale of NBA tickets for a game in New York is quite special. Tickets sold are generally much more expensive than in most other NBA cities. In addition, the ticket office fills up quickly. So don’t delay in booking your tickets!

NBA tickets for the Brooklyn Nets

Second New York team, the Brooklyn Nets are less rated than the Knicks. Their story is different than that of their neighbour. The loyal fans of the Nets are far fewer than those of the New York Knicks. Still, that’s not to say the Brooklyn-based NBA team is any less successful. The sports results of the two teams are variable. Some years the Nets are stronger than the Knicks. And vice versa! In any case, these two NBA franchises each offer a great show to spectators. There is a different atmosphere in each of the rooms. And we can say that their offer is complementary!

NBA tickets for the Los Angeles Lakers

Who hasn’t heard of the Los Angeles Lakers? Probably not many people… Like PSG in football or the New York Yankees in baseball, the Lakers are an institution in the NBA. The Californian franchise based in Los Angeles has a glorious past. If the current results are quite far from expectations, the L.A. Lakers still enjoyed success not so long ago. Indeed, the Angelinos won the NBA title in 2020. The mere presence of LeBron James on the team makes attending a Lakers game worth the trip. The number 6 of the “Purple and gold” became in 2023 the best scorer in NBA history.

NBA tickets for the Miami Heat

Florida sunshine attracts many tourists throughout the year. The NBA being an increasingly popular championship with the general public, hundreds of French people go to a basketball game in Miami every year. They appreciate the beautiful collective game deployed by the team coached by Erik Spoelstra. It must be said that in recent years, the Heat has been one of the most pleasant NBA teams to watch play.

NBA tickets for the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics is a legendary franchise in the NBA! She has a large fan base around the world. In addition, the team made popular by Bill Russell is very competitive. It has some very talented players in its ranks. Including Jayson Tatum, one of the best basketball players on the planet. The Celtics were unfortunate finalists for the Championship in 2022. They have a lot to make to attract fans to the TD Garden.

Review of other shows available on HelloTickets

The HelloTickets platform is not limited to the marketing of NBA tickets. All other US sports are available. Among them, there are in particular US football, baseball and ice hockey. So you can vary the pleasures. There is something for every taste. Beyond sport, artists’ concerts are listed on this online ticket office. HelloTickets therefore brings together a wide choice of sporting and cultural events. And this, for the greatest pleasure of enthusiasts! We let you discover the large catalog by visiting their website.

Promo code Hellotickets

Let’s talk about Hellotickets promo codes! Who wants to get a small discount when buying on a merchant site? Probably everyone… This is the reason why we are going to talk about promotional codes for NBA tickets.

For a time, Hellotickets offered a promo code of 10 euros. And this, in order to attract more customers. A minimum order of $110 was required to qualify for the discount. The promo code was then to be entered on the order page, when entering your bank details. Since the course of 2023, promo codes have been removed from Hellotickets. It’s not that bad on the customer side, knowing that the ticket prices displayed on Hellotickets are among the most competitive on the market. Indeed, this company works daily to obtain the most advantageous rates possible. This is what makes Hellotickets the leading ticket booking platform in the European market. Every year, thousands of foreign travelers trust this intermediary.

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