Frank Hassell : “I believe I am a better artist than I am basketball player”

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Back to ESSM Le Portel a year after leaving the club for Poland and then Cholet, the American center Frank Hassell is this time more than a simple basketball player. From now on, every day, after leaving the jersey and shorts in the locker room, he writes and records his own compositions as a rapper. During this interview, the fifth best rebounder of the past year in Jeep Elite (France D1) is telling his new daily.

Frank, you are one of the best center in the french top league. Why did you signed with a team who fight to stay in Jeep Elite, while you could interest top teams everywhere in Europe? What were the terms of your return in Le Portel?
ESSM holds a special place in my heart. The team and city have a lot of pride and they support their team. It will be a great feeling to represent them again.
Me and Coach EG have been talking for a while about me possibly coming back, and also the team president agreed to help me with branding and marketing of my sports company Tank Athletics here in France.

You are playing in France from the 2015-2016 season. You left that country last season to go to Poland, before coming back few weeks later only. Is France definitively became your second home?
For sure I consider France as one of my homes. Love playing in the LNB league, one of the premier leagues in Europe for sure and very professional.

You are now 30, you will be 31 in October. How many years do you still want/wish to play pro basketball?
As long as my body let me. I love the game so I definitely will be playing for as long as I can.

You are already in France to start the preseason with your team. Did you had a studious summer? What was your schedule?

I’m into a lot during the summer. I coach young athletes, are started 2 companies, also have a non profit org., and I still train myself. I workout everyday, all day, I’m addicted to the gym for sure. Also traveled a little this summer with my family and friends. That’s important also.

Now let’s talk about music. We can see that you are doing more an more songs as an artist. Please tell us more about it?
Yes, anything you spend a lot of time on, you will get better at. I love music it’s another thing besides basketball that I can’t go without.

Where and when your passion for rap was born?
My passion was always inside of me but I started exploring it this year. I started making music back in January and found out that I am good at it. I believe I am a better artist than I am basketball player. And I’m a really good basketball player lol.
I record my music and do shows here in France and back in the USA. I am actually in negotiations with “Fayah Club” to have my first show in France there on October 19th.

How do you find inspiration to write texts and songs?
I find my inspiration from my life and the life of my peers. I speak about everything in my music, how I see the world, how others see it, my past , present, future and my everyday life. I find inspiration from life.

How do you manage your time between playing basketball and music? Do you want to start a professional career in that musical industry?
We all have skill sets or “gifts”. We just have to get good enough to support a honest living with it. I have 2 gifts ( basketball, and music), and I expect to make a honest living with both.
I work a lot and if you love something you will find time. I usually do my basketball in the day and my music at night.

How many people listened your songs? What are your goals?
I make music for me and my goal is to always enjoy it and have fun. My music fan base is growing everyday and I am gaining recognition from a lot of people all over the world. I have been on a few radio stations in the USA and have done shows in the USA. I am planning to have my first music show here on October 19th.
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