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Fabyon Harris : “I am going back home Monday”

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This is some news about Fabyon Harris, american point guard of Souffelweyersheim. He is averaging 11.6 points, 2 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.3 steal per game and his team is the leader of French NM1 (D3) at the mid-season.

3PTSHOT: There are 5 months now that you are in France. Do you speak some words in French?
Fabyon Harris: Yes I only know a few words in French, like “Merci beaucoup” (thank you a lot).

3PTSHOT: You had your last game in 2016 this weekend before Christmas break. What is your feeling? Your team only had 2 loses in a row since the beginning of the season and is the leader of the championship…
Fabyon Harris: My feeling are very good because we end 2016 with a win I am very happy also very happy for my teammates also the coaches. It feel very good to be on top of the League but we not done yet we have to keep getting better so we can keep the top spot.

3PTSHOT: You also played against 17 of 18 teams in the competition. So, at the mid-season, what is your feeling too about the level of the competition?
Fabyon Harris: The teams in this League are very good, the level of play is very high.

3PTSHOT: Individually, you was named MVP of few games. So, definitively, we can say that your rookie season overseas is going well?
Fabyon Harris: Yes I have been MVP a few games also been playing very well this season for it to be my rookie season but my teammates also the coaches help me to put me in position to make plays on both ends of the court offense also defense.

3PTSHOT: Also, you had a strong month of December with 16 points (efficiency 22), 22 points (efficiency 18) and 12 points (efficiency 14). How can you explain that?
Fabyon Harris: Coach tell me all the time to just play, be aggressive, so I just stop over thinking in just played my game. That’s why I was able to have a strong month of December. But I want that to carry over to next year 2017. 

3PTSHOT: Did life overseas looks like that you expected before coming in France?
Fabyon Harris: No it didn’t but I am very thankful to be here in France playing basketball for a great ball club. I was always told life overseas is what ever you make it so make the best of it to me. It is very beautiful here in France. I love it. I hope to spend many years here in France.

3PTSHOT: Souffel is a very small city but Strasbourg, a famous city in France, is near. Where do you live and which one do you prefer? What are you doing during your free time?
Fabyon Harris: Souffel is very small but the people are very nice people. My free time, I don’t do much.  I rest most of the time or hang out with my teammates or go see the city go shopping.

3PTSHOT: Did you had time to visit Paris?
Fabyon Harris: No I have not visit Paris. I just want to visit Paris, so bad. So when I have some free time, I just have to go.

3PTSHOT: What are your projects during this Christmas break? Go back home, in Chicago?
Fabyon Harris: Yes I am going back home Monday to see my family also friends also to work out because we still in season.

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